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Women's Garnet Rings

Women’s Garnet Ring Designs: Deep Red Beauties to Adorn Your Fingers

When you want to adorn your fingers with a red gemstone, what would be your first choice? Most women are likely to choose a stunning ruby, a stone that has become almost synonymous with the colour red. Well, if you want to give rubies a miss and try something equally stunning yet incredibly cost-effective, here is a semi-precious stone you could consider – the charming, deep red garnet. Richly coloured and dynamic, these red beauties look absolutely stunning when they are set in precious metals. In this collection of women’s garnet ring designs, we aim to display the true allure of garnets which are often underestimated in terms of beauty and brilliance. Designed for the evolving tastes of modern women, these pieces exhibit a range of styles from bold to graceful.

All You Should Know About Garnets

Garnet is one of the most versatile stones in the family of gemstones. In addition to making fine pieces of jewellery, it is used for industrial purposes as abrasives and filter media. Said to be a healer of broken bonds, this stone is often worn by couples to keep their relationship strong and steady. Though many people often associate garnet with the colour red, it appears in a wide range of colours, from the most commonly occurring rich red to the rare and exquisite blue. With a history of over thousands of years, red garnets were used by Egyptians and Romans as a decorative and ceremonial gemstone. According to Greek legends, a garnet was given to a loved one before embarking on a journey to ensure their safe and speedy return. These red gems, however, exploded in popularity during the sixteenth century when large deposits of red garnet were discovered in Bohemia. Even today, Bohemian garnets are greatly favoured by jewellery enthusiasts across the world.

Garnets for Love: Buy Women's Garnet Rings Online

Garnets are believed to have many metaphysical and healing properties; many consider them as the gem of regeneration, commitment, and honesty. Unsurprisingly, the garnet has come to be a popular choice for engagement rings. In tribute to this quality of the stone, our designers have put together the Flavia Ring. It is a bestseller in our trinity ring collection and features three round-cut red garnets set in the centre of an 18kt gold band. Engagements or anniversaries, this three-stone ring is the best pick to express your love and commitment without compromising on the style quotient.

For those who love to add a heart to their ensemble, the Veidah Ring displays a dual heart design. Its heart-shaped centre is studded with several sparkling diamonds and a deep red garnet (which is also shaped like a tiny heart) sits at the very base. An endearing piece made of 18kt gold, this ring is an ideal pick to add a bit of charm to your outfit. This multistone stunner has everything you are looking for in a perfect Valentine’s Day gift – the magic of hearts, the glitter of diamonds, the vivacity and richness of the red garnet, and the everlasting sheen of gold.

The Old and the New: Buy Women's Garnet Ring Designs from BlueStone

Experts at combining classic stones with contemporary designs, we at BlueStone present a host of modern rings to suit every style and occasion. The Valiant Femme Ring, an exquisite piece from our Sacred Elements Collection, showcases an especially bold design where the radiance of white gold is contrasted by the deep red hues of the garnet at the centre.

For the romantics, we have the Just Say Love Ring. Made of 18kt gold, the ring features a circle at the centre with a heart shaped garnet placed in the middle. This gemstone ring is an ideal pick for those looking for a token of their love in the form of finely crafted jewellery. Simple yet soulful, this fusion ring will also add a breeze of freshness to your everyday jewellery collection.

Garnet: The Stone of Root Chakra

According to the Hindu tantric tradition, the human body has seven energy centres known as chakras. The root chakra is the first of these seven chakras and is associated with feelings of safety and security. One of the best ways to cleanse and balance this chakra is to wear root chakra jewellery. Red being the primary colour associated with this chakra, jewellers use garnets to make root chakra ornaments. The Root Chakra Ring offered by BlueStone is a lovely design with a floral centrepiece. A princess-cut garnet makes up the heart of the flower and its petals are made from gold.

Garnets are perfect to add a bit of colour to your ensemble. Each ring from this collection is crafted with impeccable craftsmanship and meticulous detailing. Compromising on nothing, we use only 100 % certified gems and precious metals in our designs. In order to make your shopping a delightful experience, we keep our women's garnet rings price highly affordable. Why wait? Buy women’s garnet rings online from us and adorn your fingers with these gemstone stunners. 

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