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Tie the Knot with Love Knot Ring Designs

Ever tied a knot, we mean literally not figuratively, in your life? Then it is not hard for you to find the obvious connection between love and knots. In the most practical sense, we tie knots to fasten or secure a thread or a rope. For lovers who seek to fasten their lives together and secure a place in each other’s lives, what could better represent love than knots? In olden times, before the heart shape stole the show, people commonly used rings and ornaments featuring different kinds of knots as a symbolic representation of love. Love knot ring designs are making a comeback and becoming popular among brides and grooms who prefer tying the knot with a symbolic knot. If you are looking for an unconventional alternative to solitaire rings or heart rings, check out BlueStone’s lone knot ring collection. 

Forget Me Knot: The History of Love Knot Ring Designs

When you choose a love knot ring to adorn your fingers, you are not only choosing an ornament but also becoming part of a tradition that began many centuries ago. The history of love knots is punctuated with many interesting traditions, legends, and customs. Legend has it that love knots were first introduced by ancient sailors who spent months and months sailing the high seas. Those sailors weaved ropes to make intertwined knots whenever they remembered their lovers and kept such knots as mementos for their beloved. Unsurprisingly, wedding rings featuring love knots were quite common among sailors in olden days.

When talking about weddings, we freely use the phrase ‘tie the knot’, but have you ever wondered about its origins? Ancient Celtic wedding ceremonies had an interesting custom equivalent to the modern day ring exchange. During the ceremony the priest tied the hands of the bride and groom together with a twine. For the Celts, knots were a symbol of eternity and the custom of tying knots around hands meant that the couples were joining their lives in everlasting love, till eternity. Similar customs were widespread in many cultures across the world and as time passed, people started making rings and other ornaments that featured different kinds of love knots.

What Are Love Knot Ring Designs?

Love has many variants; so has the love knot. Though people use this term to refer to certain kinds of knots, they are not one and the same. From the commonly used figure eight patterns to romantic heart loops, the love knot has many distinct versions. Most of them, however, feature two overhand knots interlocked to form a single knot. The mode of interweaving and the final arrangement of the knot differ from one version to another. So it is nearly impossible to pinpoint a single knot as the true or authentic version.

The existence of many distinct patterns is actually a blessing in disguise for designers and jewellery lovers because it gives them plenty of options to experiment with and choose from. Take, for instance, the love knot ring collection offered by BlueStone. The collection features a number of knot types that vary in pattern and arrangement. When you buy love knot rings online from us, you can choose the type that best appeals to your heart and our love knot rings’ prices are equally attractive to win your hearts.

Buy Love Knot Ring Designs and Tie the Knot in Style

At BlueStone, we have a carefully crafted range of love knot ring designs made of white and gold. Some of them are crafted in the traditional and classic way while some others are our contemporary take on the classic patterns. Unlike solitaire rings, halo rings, and cluster rings with a central stone, diamond, or diamond cluster, the classic love knot ring features a knot at the centre of the band. Contemporary variations with stone-studded knots are also available in our collection to cater to the changing aesthetic trends.

The Eavan Ring in 18kt gold and the Tressa Ring in 18kt white gold are two signature pieces in our collection. They feature the figure eight knot at the centre of the band. The sparkling diamonds studded on the knot give the ring a unique appeal and make it ideal for special occasions like weddings and engagements.

The Drihas Ring is another item popular with our customers. It is made in the elongated loop style where a single loop is slipped through itself to form a beautiful love knot. A gleaming diamond is placed on the glittery 18kt gold body of the ring. No modern fashionista would want to give this ring a miss.

Can any ring collection be complete without the universally acclaimed heart shape? Love knots made in the shape of heart loops is a popular variation favoured by brides and grooms across the globe. At BlueStone, we strike a fine balance between the two popular symbols of love – the heart and the knot - by offering you the Carmella Ring and the Forachette Ring.

The beauties in our collection have it all – the elegance of love knots, the glitter of gold, the subtlety of white gold, the sparkle of diamonds, and above all, the unique bling factor and a competitive price range no one else can match.

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