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Gold Christian Pendant: Making a Statement

A pendant is a piece of jewellery that hangs down from a necklace. Pendants are worn as protection, to confer spiritual or magical power, for reasons of aesthetics, for sentimental reasons, for functionality like whistles or compasses, and so on. Usually a pendant is a separate piece from the main necklace, though the separation between the pendant and the necklace may or may not be clear cut in all designs.

The gold Christian pendant designs available at BlueStone have a predominant Christian tone to them. They could be worn by the faithful to affirm their Christian faith or as a fashion statement depending upon the inclination of the wearer.

A Quick Look at Gold Christian Pendant Designs

The most commonly worn gold Christian pendant design is the cross pendants or the crucifix. A crucifix has an image of Jesus on the cross, as opposed to the plain cross pendant. The plain cross pendant can have a number of variations like the Greek cross, the Latin cross, the Patriarchal cross, the stepped cross, the ringed cross, St. Thomas cross, et al. The cross is also made in different sizes in accordance with the taste of the wearer.

Additionally, it is common to find Christian pendants that have miniature busts of Mother Mary, infant Jesus, St. Joseph and other popular saints. There are also pendants available that have tiny plaques engraved with messages from the Bible. All of these could be either hand-crafted or machine made with precious stones embedded in intricate or simple designs.

Gold Christian Pendant Designs at BlueStone

At BlueStone, we have a number of beautiful stone-encrusted Christian pendants on offer for the discerning customer. These well-crafted pieces of artwork are mostly available in 18kt gold. The Divine Mary Pendant, for instance, depicts Mother Mary and infant Jesus. The pendant is made of 18kt gold with a halo that is embedded with diamonds. The Celtic Cross Pendant is an intricately crafted cross made of diamonds and set in a larger piece of oval-shaped gold. 

At BlueStone, we also offer simpler designs like the Messiah Pendant, which is a cross with diamonds embedded in the central portion and a little towards all the four arms. In the Divine Messenger Pendant, the long arm of the cross is completely embedded with diamonds and the shorter arms are made of plain 18kt gold.

Buy Gold Christian Pendants Online from BlueStone

The designers at BlueStone have mastered the art of weaving craft and creativity with spirituality in these well-made finely finished pieces of art. Interested customers can place an order for a design of their choice from the gold Christian pendant catalogue available at our website. We offer a hassle-free process of buying. What’s more, we also offer you the option of customisation based on your design preferences when you buy gold Christian pendant designs from us.

Our gold Christian pendants’ prices are affordable. We have kept the price on a wide range depending upon the number and karat of diamonds used in the design. Our gold Christian pendant designs are a perfect buy for yourself or could be gifted to that special someone on a birthday, anniversary, confirmation, first Holy Communion or other unique occasions. So what are you waiting for? Choose your pick and wear it in style.

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