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Keep the Lord Near Your Heart with Christian Pendants

Christian pendants are not just decorations, they are a true reflection of your faith and belief in Jesus Christ and Christianity. The faith-inspiring Christian pendant designs at BlueStone are created to strengthen your belief and take you a step closer to God. The exquisitely crafted designs are graceful themselves and will also look great with any outfit in your wardrobe that you choose to pair them with. Each one of the pendants in our Christian jewellery collection is made using the highest quality gold and crafted flawlessly to last a lifetime. These faith pieces are also great gifts to inspire your family and friends and for special occasions, such as birthdays, ordinations, baptisms, weddings, and Christmas, to show that you care. At BlueStone, you can buy Christian pendants online at attractive prices.

Lore of Christian Pendants through the Ages

Christian pendants have a fascinating history. They have been around for a long time and have played a role in inspiring faith in millions of people. The most important symbol in Christianity has always been the cross. Although it wasn’t openly worn until 4th century A.D. due to the fear of persecution, cross necklaces were used as a sign of Christian devotion since the 2nd century. A prominent church father, Tertullian, referred to the faithful Christian followers who wore cross necklaces as cross devotees. The cross pendants was found to be the centre of Christians' life even back then. In the 4th century, crude crosses were made using sticks and worn on the neck.

By the 6th century, crosses were commonly seen in artwork. They were also worn as beautiful necklaces by Christians to declare their devotion to and love for Christ. Large crosses were worn as a sign of respect by Catholic, Protestant, and Anglican clergy. They also wore crosses to show devotion and to assign the clergy’s level in the hierarchy of the church. Those cross necklaces were made either of gold, silver, or platinum and were often decorated with sparkling gemstones. The use of cross necklaces for displaying relics was also identified in the 6th century.

Symbolism of Signs on Different Christian Pendants

Christian pendants are amongst those meaningful pieces of religious jewellery that encourage you to understand their deeper meaning. Before you buy Christian pendant designs, you should have an understanding of what are some of the commonly used symbols on pendants and their symbolism in the religion. One of the most common symbols that has found continued prevalence in Christian jewellery is the cross or the crucifix. The cross represents the object of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and is the best-known symbols of Christianity. It also symbolises unity between two opposite lines. The crucifix is a cross with a three-dimensional image of Jesus' body. Both of these symbols come in a variety of designs and styles.

A variation from the cross, and another common symbol on Christian pendants is the Celtic Cross. It is formed by placing a ring at the intersection of the two lines on a traditional cross. Legend has it that it was St. Patrick who introduced the Celtic cross while converting pagans to Christianity in Ireland. It is believed that he combined the cross and the pagan sun to encourage the newly converted pagan followers and give them the idea of the relevance of the cross by connecting it with the sun’s life-giving properties. According to other stories, it is believed that the cross on the circle symbolises Christ's influence over the sun, which the pagans worshipped.

Bluestone Presents Exquisite Wearable Souvenirs of Faith

Wearing a cross necklace is a wonderful tradition among Christians all over the world. Show your love for the Lord and His divinity with Christian pendants from BlueStone. A part of our stunning collection with a competitive Christian pendant price is the Messiah Pendant. It is handcrafted by moulding 18kt gold in the shape of a conventional cross and is embossed with gorgeous diamonds on the arms and the stem. Similarly, the Divine Messenger Pendant is a cross pendant with a different design. It has a simple 18kt gold cross studded with multiple brilliant-cut diamonds on the stem.

The Celtic Cross Pendant features diamonds arranged to form the Celtic cross on an 18kt gold platform. The Divine Mary Pendant features Mother Mary cradling Baby Jesus in her arms. It is made of 18kt gold with rhodium-plated sections and a diamond-studded halo-like ring around the holy figure. You can be sure that you will love the divine pendants in our collection for everyday wear and for special occasions and cherish them for life.

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