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Entangled Ode Rings: Jewellery that Inspires Artists

Hundreds of years ago, our ancestors used to design and wear jewellery made of any metal that could be beaten into a certain shape. Times have evolved and so have we, and along with us has evolved the art of making fine jewellery. The assortment of our Entangled Ode jewellery is a special collection that combines art with the craft of jewellery making. The Entangled Ode ring designs we have handpicked for you are created by some of the best artisans in India and exude excellent craftsmanship. The sheer artistry on each and every piece will take your breath away and make you swoon on their luxurious beauty.

The rings in our Entangled Ode collection are made of high-quality gold. Some of them are crafted with gold and some with white gold, then there are some that combine the classiness of gold and the aesthetic appeal of white gold in designs that feature both the shades of gold. You will also find rare pieces with a rose tint on them. A jewellery lovers’ delight, the assortment of Entangled Ode rings is our way of showing you that we constantly keep evolving our jewellery styles to match your rich tastes and love for the precious metal. So what are you waiting for! Browse our collection to buy Entangled Ode rings online.

Upgrade Your Jewellery Trousseau with Glamorous Rings

Each ring in our Entangled Ode collection is an epitome of style and sophistication with a stunning design that can start a conversation! Plain rings for special occasions are passé. It’s time to go all out on style with something unique, such as the Twirled Wonder Ring. It has all it takes to send you on an imaginary trip to wonderland where everything’s made of gold! The twirled segments on this ring and the section connecting the two twirls in opposite direction are made by skilled hands with a stunning eye for detail. This ring is crafted from 22kt gold and a total must have for all you jewellery lovers out there.

If the blazing sun could be depicted in jewellery, it would look exactly like the Emma Ring. Crafted by carefully handcarving 22kt gold, this ring is a show stopper. It features two rows of golden spirals crafted with precision, with yellow on the top and a rhodium-plated white layer sitting perfectly on the bottom. Trust us when we say that it looks magical. Need more inspiration to buy Entangled Ode ring designs? Don’t worry, there’s a lot more in store for you at BlueStone, your one-stop jewellery destination.

Of Hearts and Knots: Buy Entangled Ode Rings Online

Hearts, knots, and flowers – they all capture the essence of love. At BlueStone, we offer you mesmerising Entangled Ode rings fit for your romantic moments. Take, for instance, the Art of Love Ring. Made of 18kt gold, it features two hearts – one studded with diamonds and the other plated with rhodium - in the centre of the band. The Rachel Ring is an exquisite piece from our Celtic Collection. This ring is made of 22kt gold and features an unbroken loop of heart-shaped knots, which will remind you of the old world charm of Celtic knots.

Speaking of knots, love knots rings form an integral part of our Entangled Ode collection. The Eavan Ring is a simple yet elegant piece made of 18kt gold, which has a diamond-studded love knot in the centre of the band. For those who fancy the radiance of white gold, we have the Tressa Ring made of 18kt gold and studded with sparkling diamonds. The Drihas Ring is another love knot ring design you could consider from this range. It exudes both simplicity and panache with its golden double loop design held together by a brilliant white diamond. It is made of 18kt gold and a must have in your jewellery trousseau.

The Floral Saga

There’s no denying that flowers are beautiful; more so when they are studded with sparkling white diamonds, like the Morning Glory Band. Its entwined floral silhouette is nothing less than surreal. It is made of 18kt white gold and encrusted with multiple glittering white diamonds. The Julia Ring is another white gold stunner designed in the timeless floral theme. If you prefer the glitter of gold, go for the Entwined Appeal Ring or the Peacock Vivacity Ring, both made of 22kt gold. When we offer the beauty of flowers in the form of fine jewellery, can any jewellery enthusiast resist it? We doubt it. The competitive Entangled Ode rings price makes our pieces all the more lust worthy. Check them out now to choose your favourites. It’s hard to settle for one; you’ll want to own them all.

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