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Give a Twist to Your Jewellery Collection with Entangled Ode Jewellery Designs

The word ‘entangled’ is likely to elicit diverse responses from people. For some, it brings up the image of - for want of a better word – total mess. For some others, it conjures up the feeling of being caught in something difficult to escape from. Well, that’s about the semantics of the word. In the world of art and fashion, the word denotes a universal design element, the origins of which can be traced back to several hundred years. From the intertwined geometric patterns in medieval Islamic artwork to the interlace patterns popularised by Byzantine art, from the much celebrated Celtic knots to the more recent additions of love knots, the world of art and jewellery embraced entangled patterns with much ado.

Tired of wearing ornaments with plain lines, seamless circles, and simple geometric patterns? It’s about time you brought a massive twist into your jewellery collection with some knots, loops, curves, coils, and curls. For those looking to redefine their style with ornaments that feature intertwined patterns and interwoven designs, BlueStone offers a unique collection – Entangled Ode jewellery Designs. This collection is for those who want to lose themselves in the beauty of such designs.

The Ageless Charm of Entangled Patterns

Artefacts made in braided, looped, intertwined, knotted, and entangled patterns were an integral part of the medieval visual art. From mosaic floors to intricately designed artworks, from fabrics to finely designed jewellery, such complex patterns found expressions in many forms in many cultures across the globe. Knots and intertwined patterns were a crucial design element of many ornaments designed during the Celtic period. Over the years, jewellery makers started coming up with modern interpretations of many classic intertwined patterns. True to its name, BlueStone’s Entangled Ode collection is a beautiful ode written as a tribute to many such ageless patterns.

With Love Till Infinity: Jewellery for a Lifetime

Our collection offers a fabulous range of rings for fashionistas who want to sport in some of the classic intertwined patterns. Take, for instance, the love knot rings in our collection. The Evan Ring is a stunning piece made in 18kt gold and features a figure eight love knot accented with diamonds and rhodium plating. The Drihas Ring is designed in elongated loop style and the knot in the centre of the band is formed by slipping a loop through itself. For the lovers of white gold, we offer the Tressa Ring. The love knot featured on this 18kt white gold piece is studded with diamonds and it is a perfect pick for engagements.

If you are looking for a piece of jewellery that captures the eternal beauty of your special moments, opt for our infinity patterns. The Infinity Earrings made of 18kt white gold will give your jewellery collection an instant enhancement. The subdued sparkle of diamonds set against the radiance of white gold makes this pair a perfect pick for your office. What’s more? You can buy the Infinity Pendant, which features the same pattern, to complete the look.

Entwined Hearts: Buy Entangled Ode Jewellery Online

When you buy Entangled Ode jewellery designs from us, you get to choose from a wide range of heart-shaped and floral-themed patterns. The Art of Love Ring features two hearts, one studded with diamonds and the other plated with rhodium, hugging each other on a gold body. When we offer another piece – the Art of Love Pendant – in the same pattern, would you say no to it? We doubt it.

The Rachel Ring features a unique and intricate pattern where a single loop weaves multiple hearts to form a seamless circle. This ring has two siblings - the Rachel Pendant and the Rachel Bracelet– and they are sure to take you to the old world charm of the Celtic patterns. These unisex pieces are made of plain gold without any stone embellishments. So if you are a fan of the classic glitter of gold, go for them.

The Deirdre Pendant made of 18kt gold features four hearts formed within a single loop. The diamonds studded in the centre of the piece add to its beauty. The Keela Pendant is for the ones who want the radiance of white gold and the sparkle of diamonds in one piece. Take a look at the design. It is nothing less than absolute splendour, isn’t it?

For the Love of Flowers

Lovers of flowers, here is a reason to rejoice. Our Entangled Ode jewellery designs include a great range of ornaments designed in the floral theme, but with some modern twists. The Floral Exuberant Earrings are for those who prefer the eternal beauty of plain gold. If you prefer to add a contemporary touch to the classic floral theme, go for our two-tone pieces like the Halle Pendant or Emma Ring. The Entwined Appeal collection includes a ring, bracelet and a pair of earrings in the same design. You can buy them separately or own all of them to form a beautiful floral jewellery set.

The same goes true for the Peacock Vivacity ring, earrings, and bracelet. These pieces are made of 22kt gold without any stone embellishments. The elements of the peacock motif and floral theme are beautifully combined in these pieces in an intricate and highly appealing manner. A truly special pick for your special occasions, we must say!

The Minimalist Beauty of Entangled Ode Jewellery Designs

Can an entangled pattern be simple, contemporary, and minimalistic? Of course, yes! If you doubt it, check our Cadenza Pendant and the Cadenza Ring. True to the name, these simple designs are in the shape of a musical notation mark. The Mave Pendant, the Clair Pendant, and the Gilberta Pendant are truly contemporary in their looks. Whether you opt for an elaborate pattern or a minimalist one, our Entangled Ode Jewellery prices are highly affordable. Who doesn’t like to bring a little twist to their jewellery collection, after all?

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