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Citrine Jewellery Designs: Jewels that Sparkle with Happiness

Be it the smiley emoticon or the soft sun rays on an autumn afternoon, the colour yellow is symbolic of happiness. It comes as no surprise then that the yellow quartz or citrine stone is also believed by many to be the stone of happiness and positivity. Citrine is also the birthstone for those born in the month of November. The ancient Greeks in the Hellenistic Age from 300-150BC were probably amongst the first to be famous for their beautiful citrine jewellery designs.

Citrine belongs to the quartz family of gemstones and is usually found in yellow to orange hues hence, the belief that it derived its name from the French word ‘citron’ which translates to lemon. Natural citrine is rarer than other forms of quartz and derives its colour from the iron impurities present in the crystals. Round and oval cut citrine such as the ones seen in the Solar Plexus Chakra Earrings and Solaris Ring are the most common but it can also be cut into other shapes including square as in the Noily Pendant, pear-like the Classic Flair Earrings, step cuts as in the Selgia Earrings and heart shaped like the Love Struck Earrings. The cut of the stone does affect citrine jewellery price with round and oval cuts being the least expensive and a fancy cut citrine with numerous concave facets being the most expensive.

Step Back in Time with Beautiful Citrine Jewellery Designs

Citrine was a very popular stone during the Art Deco phase between the two World Wars. The stone shone in a number of tiara designs such as the ones worn by The Grand Duchess of Luxemburg, King George VI, and Thailand’s Queen Sikirit. The stone also found favour with Hollywood stars like Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford. With the Art Deco style making a comeback with the current fashion trends, this could be the perfect time to buy citrine jewellery designs. All you have to do is look at the citrine jewellery being sported by today’s style icons including Jennifer Garner, Tara Reid, and Mindy Kaling on the red carpet. Art Deco jewellery is characterised by its symmetry and straight lines as seen in the Ira Pendant and the Selgia Pendant. Bold, abstract patterns as seen in the Torille Earrings and Soliar Pendant are also symbolic of the Art Deco era.

The Best Way to Style Citrine Jewellery Designs

The golden yellow hues of this stone serve to brighten up an outfit in any colour. To make a bold statement at a cocktail party, you could pair the Amerouge Earrings or the Exquis Earrings with a black dress or a black saree. Alternatively, you could wear the Amerouge Ring. On the other hand, if you’d like to make a quieter entrance, you could pair the delicate Magnifique Bracelet and Blazing Flare Earrings with a green outfit. Designs like the Royce Earrings and Helios Pendant can even be worn with a yellow outfit.

How to Buy Citrine Jewellery Online

As with any other gemstone, the cut, clarity, colour and size of the gemstone play key roles in determining citrine jewellery price. A well-cut citrine stone will reflect light with a dazzling sparkle and not allow any light to escape from the other side. Though the citrine stone can be found in large sizes, designs with smaller stones such as the Quriana Earrings are more budget friendly than the Origa Earrings. Citrine is often paired with diamonds when being crafted into fine jewellery. Thus, the size, number, and clarity of diamonds also influence the prices. For example, though the Amarella Ring and the Love Me Forever Ring feature a citrine stone of comparable size, the latter has many more diamonds and hence a higher price tag. However, don’t let prices stop you; rest assured that at BlueStone we have a design to fit almost every budget.

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