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Butterfly Necklaces

Butterfly Necklaces: Designs that Evoke a Childlike Wonder

The mere mention of butterflies has the power to take you back to your childhood. Doesn’t it conjure up thoughts of the time you used to run around chasing butterflies, attracted by their wings with myriad colours and patterns? Well, since you can’t turn back time nor can you enjoy time travel, there’s something we would love to do for you to relive those beautiful memories. Our collection of butterfly necklaces is for the little girl in you who adored butterflies during her growing up years. Or would you like to buy butterfly necklace designs for your little girl? Oh, you bet she’d love it!

More than just a lovely critter: A symbol of transformation

Butterflies are among the most popular creatures to lend their shape to jewellery design. The reason is not only that they are fluttering beauties that remind us of pleasant spring and warm summer seasons, but it is also the feeling of hope and positivity that they bring with their bright colours. Butterflies are also reminders of the incredible transformation they go through in their lives — from being helpless caterpillars to becoming enchanting winged creatures. They are symbols of metamorphosis and represent freedom of the soul, rebirth, love, patience, and happiness.

People who love butterfly jewellery are usually those who associate with a butterfly’s transformation. It could mean anything for them, from a sign of inspiration or the motivation for accomplishing their goals. Butterfly necklaces also make for great gifts as they are considered a good luck charm before beginning a new journey that entails change, which can be anything from getting a new job or getting married. You can be sure that every piece of jewellery at BlueStone will inspire you to buy butterfly necklaces online.

Butterfly necklace designs that embody beauty and grace

Just like butterflies, BlueStone necklaces personify elegance and refined sophistication with their designs. Our collection features unique butterfly necklaces for women and children. The Butterfly Line Necklace has an 18kt white gold chain with a lobster clasp closure and features an 18kt gold butterfly with white gold detail. An unblemished, round, white pearl adds to its grandeur. Similarly, the Tara Heart Necklace might become your favourite piece of jewellery with its flawless white pearl, 18kt white gold chain, and three diamond-studded rose gold butterflies of the same purity.

Adding to the charm of our collection is the B for Butterfly Necklace for Kids featuring; you guessed it, the letter B and a pink diamond-studded butterfly on a chain, all of which are made of 18kt gold. Browse our collection to see these designs for yourself. What’s more, our butterfly necklace prices are as attractive as our elegant pieces that they don’t leave any scope for a second thought!

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