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Necklaces have been an integral and important part of the Jewellery; from the ancient civilization and from the early days of innovation of composing and writing. It is believed that the Necklaces are as old as 40,000 years. Earlier necklaces were made by entwining completely natural materials like long lasting vines or bits of creature ligament left over from hunts and bird feathers, embellished with shells, bones or teeth or brilliant skins of human prey creatures, natural gems, happening pearls or other wonderful artful regular components discovered nearby.

A necklace is a type of jewellery worn around the neck. It is normally made of flexible structures such as a chain or a series of beads with pearls, gemstones and other regular materials. Sometimes it is also made of a more rigid band of metal decorated with gemstones, pearls, precious stones, or different strategies like filigree. Lengths of necklaces will vary ranging from a short choker like dog collar necklace that fits right around the main portion of the neck to a longer neck chain.

Necklace as pieces of jewellery is worn by both women and men in societies around the globe for reasons of embellishment and social economic status. In western society, the term necklace in English is often associated to female and men usually call their neck jewellery as “chains” instead of necklaces.

The choice of necklace length also depends, to an extent, on face shapes.

Round Shape and Square Shape

Round shaped or square shaped faces look longer by wearing necklaces that are longer with the length of 28 inches to 32 inches.

Heart Shape & Rectangular Shape

For heart shaped faces, a choker necklace style will draw one's consideration far from the sharp jaw. This is also the best suitable style for rectangular face shapes.

Long Neck

Individuals with long necks usually prefer necklaces with 16 inches to 18 inches; as it’s considered that short necklaces compliment a long slender more than the longer necklaces.

What we offer to our customers:

Plain Gold Necklaces

Plain gold necklaces are always in trend and women prefer to wear the plain gold necklace as it does not have any colour restrictions. BlueStone offers an exclusive collection of plain gold necklaces called “Eternal Gold”. These are simple, elegant and lightweight necklaces for occasional or office wear. Traditional and contemporary motifs are beautifully designed and crafted to highlight the look of every piece. One of the best pieces of this collection is “THE CONJOINED BLOSSOMS NECKLACE”

Bridal Necklaces

An Indian bride is deemed incomplete without the necklace. The wedding necklace is the most eye-catching piece of jewellery worn by the bride. It comes along with matching earrings. A choker is deemed perfect for such an occasion, coupled with a long necklace.

Most people wish to buy necklace designs online as per their choice. BlueStone offers special service called “Wedding BeSpoke Service”, wherein the entire wedding jewellery will be custom made as per your requirement. We also offer customization to our customers - if you have any particular design in your mind, you can share it with us and we will custom make it accordingly. BlueStone’s exclusive bridal necklace collection has a traditional and contemporary look. These necklaces contain diamonds with the combination of gemstones like ruby and emerald to enhance the beauty of the necklace. One of the best pieces of this collection is “THE SUNDAR SAKHI NECKLACE”.

Customers prefer to buy necklaces online currently due to the wide choice of exclusive necklaces designs and attractive necklaces prices online.

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