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Women's Wedding Band Jewellery

Women’s Wedding Band Jewellery: Celebrate Your Bond with a Band

No matter where you live in, weddings are occasions of joy and celebration. The customs and rituals associated with this ceremony vary widely across the globe, though. In a country like India, each state has its own set of wedding rituals. Some weddings last for days while others are over in a matter of minutes. Some people get married during the day while others say their ‘I do’s’ in the wee hours of the morning.

Yet, there are a few things that remain unchanged in almost all weddings. The wedding band is one among them. Originated in the West several centuries ago, the tradition of exchanging bands has gained universal appeal. In its form, a wedding band looks just that – a band made of a precious metal, often plain and sometimes studded with diamonds or gemstone. It is typically worn on the ring finger of the left hand just above the engagement ring. While the engagement ring may boast of solitaires and myriad gemstones, women’s wedding band jewellery designs are relatively simple.

We, at BlueStone, have been making weddings in India a glittering affair and that’s why we keep coming up with latest designs in wedding jewellery. Our wedding band collection for women is several cuts above the ordinary. Explore it and experience the magic yourself!

The Evolution of Wedding Bands

Wedding bands have been symbolic of a happy marriage since as long as we can remember. Many historians believe that the tradition of wearing a wedding ring started in ancient Egypt. Based on drawings that have been found on papyrus sheets, these rings were initially made of reeds or hemp braided together and knotted around a woman’s finger. The Egyptians believed that a circle was the symbol of eternity, so the ring symbolised the beginning of a relationship that would last for eternity. The hollow space inside the ring was also considered symbolic of a gateway to the future. Thus, when a man gave a woman a wedding ring, he vowed to be her partner for the future.

It was the Romans who began wearing metal rings. When a wedding took place amongst the society of elites, the groom gifted his bride an iron ring called Anulus Pronubus. The Romans were also the first to engrave their wedding bands. However, these bands were not seen as symbols of love but as symbols of ownership. For this reason, the puzzle ring was a very popular style. This was made up of several rings that needed to be worn together to form a band. Poesy rings with a poem engraved on the ring were very popular during the Renaissance.

Once the custom of wearing wedding bands started picking up, it was hard to stay away from it. In colonial America, Puritans frowned on jewellery, so they gifted their wives a thimble in place of a ring. Eventually, the cap of the thimble would be removed and it would be worn as a ring. After having made such an eventful journey through history, this tiny trinket has gained a nearly permanent place in weddings all over the world.

Make Your Precious Moments Matter with a Precious Metal

Today, when you buy women’s wedding band jewellery designs you will notice that gold is the most popular material used for making these bands. As mentioned above, wedding bands were not always made of gold. Apart from reeds and iron, ivory, leather, and bone were also used to make rings. Slowly, a perceived relationship began to emerge between the value of a ring and the love a man had for his betrothed. Gold, of course, was the most valuable material available and hence became the most popular choice for a wedding band.

Today, in addition to gold, white gold is also used to make such bands. While gold has a classic appeal, white gold bands are suitable for women who want to sport a modern look. Equally popular and appealing are platinum wedding rings. All you need to do is to choose one based on your preferences and budget. A wedding band, no matter what metal it is made is, will never lose its symbolic worth.

Finding Trendy Women’s Wedding Band Jewellery Online

As with other pieces of jewellery, wedding bands have also evolved with time. However, since they are symbolic of a serious relationship, the designs have stayed somewhat minimal. Some new designs in women’s wedding band jewellery are created in pairs so that the bride and groom may wear rings that complement each other.

The Soulmate Ring for Her is a classic example of a gold wedding band. This is the simplest form of a ring made of 22ky gold. We also have the same design for men, called the Soulmate Ring for Him. Together, they form a couple band set. These two rings look exactly the same except that the men’s version is broader and wider. The amount of gold used to make these bands also differ.

Eternity Bands for an Eternal Bond

The eternity band is another popular classic style for wedding rings. This features a continuous band of diamonds along with circumference of the ring. Since the bottom of the ring is usually not seen, some eternity rings like the Antoine Ring for Her feature diamonds only on the top. As strange as it might sound, such designs are called ‘half eternity bands’. This ring is made of 18kt gold and has a continuous line of 15 round-cut diamonds. The Antonio Ring for Him, the male counterpart of this design, has a matching design.

A wedding ring is meant to be worn permanently. These bands complement all other types of rings and jewellery. Thus, while women keep the current fashion trends in mind while buying other forms of jewellery, classics are preferred for wedding bands. 

How to Buy Women’s Wedding Band Jewellery?

At BlueStone, we have an extensive women’s wedding band jewellery collection. Rings in plain gold are made in 22kt gold while those featuring diamonds are made in 18kt gold. This is because 22kt gold may not be hard enough to hold a diamond in place. While diamond studded rings cannot be made in 22kt gold, plain gold rings can be made in 18kt gold. They can also be made in 14kt gold. Lowering the gold purity levels does not affect the look or longevity of a design but it helps you reduce the women’s wedding band jewellery price.

That’s not all.

When you buy women’s wedding band jewellery online you must also pay attention to the ring size. Many people consider an ill-fitting ring to be bad luck. So, this is one thing you must be careful about. All the best women’s wedding band jewellery designs offered by us are available in sizes ranging from 6 to 30. So, pick your favourite design, size your ring and get ready to have the happiest day of your life.

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