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Men's Wedding Band Jewellery

Men’s Wedding Band Jewellery: More Bling for the Menfolk

The day a man and a woman decide to spend the rest of their lives together is a special one. As with any other special occasion, jewellery is a crucial element for weddings. When it comes to wedding jewellery, brides often take centre stage. However, there is one piece of jewellery that plays an important role for the groom as well.

Any guess?

Yes, a wedding band! A man may choose to not flaunt earrings, pendants, and bracelets but a wedding band is special for every married man. At BlueStone, we understand how important it is for you choose the perfect band. So in our collection of men’s wedding band designs, we combine aesthetics and symbolism in the right proportions.

Get ready to explore what we have in store for you here?

Know the History of Men’s Wedding Bands

Every piece of jewellery comes loaded with lots of glitter, but a wedding band is loaded with a lot of history as well. For someone living in the twenty-first century, wedding bands might appear a universal phenomenon. But that has not always been the case. Want to know more about it?

Here you go!

History has it that wedding rings originated in Egypt, where couples used to exchange rings made of hemp or reeds. Men and women of ancient Rome and Greece also followed this practice, first as part of dowry and later as a symbol of marital fidelity. The modern custom of ring exchange, however, began in Europe with the spreading of Christianity.

But wait! How did this custom gain the popularity it enjoys today? How did men’s wedding rings become a universal phenomenon? It all started with a war – the World War II.

The Story of How the World War II Popularised Men’s Wedding Bands

In countries like the United States, wedding rings was an ornament worn only by women. It was during the World War II that men overseas began to wear a ring to symbolise their commitment to their partner back home.

At that time, simple bands made of plain gold were in vogue. The Soulmate Ring for Him in our collection is a perfect example of this classic band style, which continues to remain popular even today.

Slowly men’s rings began to be identified with their marital status all over the world. Today, you can see many patterns and designs like the Euphoria Band. Not only is this band made of trendy white gold but it also features 25 sparkling diamonds. Truly sparkling, isn’t it?

How About More Gold, More Glitter, More Bling?

Sounds just perfect, doesn’t it? When you buy men’s wedding band jewellery online, you will notice that these are considerably wider compared to women’s ring designs. This, in fact, is one of the defining characteristics of wedding rings for men. They typically feature a broad design, which means more gold, more glitter, and of course, more bling.

And the best part?

Our men’s wedding band jewellery collection has both simple and elaborate designs. The True Love Band for Him is a simple band design in 22kt gold. Should you prefer something simple in white gold, go for the Olavi Ring. Both are ideal for a man with classic tastes.

Why Should Women Have All the Diamonds?

Not all men’s rings must be in plain gold. Many men believe that diamonds aren’t meant to be worn only by women. Diamond-studded rings are thus very popular amongst our men’s wedding band collection. And what better captures the sparkle of your wedding day than a diamond?

Our diamond bands are lust-worthy beyond any doubt. Take, for instance, the Francesco Ring. Made of 18kt white gold, it features a single diamond studded right in the centre of an otherwise simple band. For those who want a multi-stone stunner, we have designs like the Antoine Ring for Him. This gold ring with 15 sparkling diamonds is as awesome as awesome can get.

White or Yellow, You Name It and We Have It

The colour of gold depends on the elements alloyed with pure gold to harden it. The addition of copper gives gold a yellow lustre while the addition of zinc gives it a whiter appearance. Both white gold and gold are popular when it comes to trendy men’s wedding band jewellery online.

White gold and gold have the same value. The difference is mainly in the way they look. White gold has a modern aura while gold has a more classic appeal. The Masterstroke Ring is considered the best men’s wedding band jewellery by many people looking for white gold rings. On the other hand, men who prefer classic styles often lean towards gold designs like the Enchanted Twist Ring.

That’s not all!

We have gemstone-studded pieces for men who wouldn’t mind a dash of colours on their wedding ring. Take, for instance, the Supremo Ring made of 18kt white gold. In addition to a sparkling diamond, it features two princess-cut rubies. Diamonds, rubies, and white gold – is there anything that can beat this combination?

How to Buy Men’s Wedding Band Jewellery?

Choosing your wedding band is an important part of the wedding preparations. Many of our new designs in men’s wedding band jewellery also have female variants. Thus, if you wanted, you could buy matching couple bands, which exploding in popularity these days.

Your wedding ring is not merely an ornament but a daily reminder of the promises you made to your wife during your wedding. This piece of jewellery is intended to be worn forever and hence it is important that you like the design. Some of the factors to keep in mind include your personality, your tastes and of course your budget.

Get Your Ring the Way You Want It

We understand how frustrating it can be to find the perfect ring only to realise that it is a little beyond your budget. For this, we have a solution. Our plain gold rings are usually made in 22kt gold while those with diamonds are crafted from 18kt gold. As the carat value of gold decreases, so does the men’s wedding band price.

Thus, if a ring is more expensive than you would have liked, you could choose to make it in gold of a lower carat value. 22kt rings can be made in either 18kt or 14kt gold. Similarly, 18kt rings can also be made in 14kt gold. For diamond studded rings, you can also specify the colour and clarity levels of the diamonds.

So, why go from one shop to another when you can buy men’s wedding band jewellery online at highly competitive rates? Choose your twinkle from us and wed in style!

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