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Allah Jewellery

Wear Your Faith in Style with Allah Jewellery Designs

Beautiful and versatile, jewellery is more than just simple ornamentation. When designed with care, unique pieces of jewellery become singular forms of self-expression. That’s exactly what our Allah jewellery collection does for you. This exceptional collection from BlueStone combines graceful designs with the power of faith to give you exquisite pendants through which you can express your faith. These Allah jewellery designs are the epitome of understated elegance. Minimalist pieces with just enough diamonds for vibrancy, these pendants are made from gold and are designed to capture the essence of your devotion.

A Circle of Faith

When you buy Allah jewellery online from us, you get to choose from creatively designed pieces that use Arabic calligraphy and some of the popular symbols associated with Islam. The Shumayl Pendant, for instance, showcases graceful calligraphy in yellow-gold enclosed within two concentric circles. The outer circle is studded with diamonds to give it a shimmering finish. A pendant to encapsulate ‘enlightenment’ or ‘illumination,’ the Afoze Pendant has curving lettering in warm gold that is topped with a single, gleaming white diamond. A charming piece, it is a beautiful pendant for any ensemble.

A simple piece that does not fail to draw the eye, the Fadheela Pendant plays gleaming gold against sparkling diamonds. The graceful script enclosed within a circular boundary is highlighted by a single diamond. But along the round border, four dazzling pendants mark the north, south, west and eastern points. String it on a delicate chain and you have yourself a beautifully ornate necklace.

Ornate Symbols, Symbolic Ornaments: Buy Allah Jewellery Online from BlueStone

As a leading online jeweller in India, we are committed to making jewellery that makes a difference to our customers. This commitment finds its best expression in our religious jewellery designs, be it cross pendants, Khalsa jewellery, god pendants, Ganesha ornaments or Allah jewellery designs. One of the ways we keep the integrity and spirit of religious designs is by incorporating symbols and motifs associated with each religion.

Take, for instance, the Roshini Pendant in our collection. Depicting the unmistakable symbol of Islam, this 18kt gold pendant is designed with a crescent moon and a single twinkling star above it. Both are encrusted with diamonds and set in yellow-gold, making this a pleasantly ornate accessory a must-have for a believer of Islam. The Murabbi Pendant has a similar design with gold lettering placed alongside the delicate crescent moon. The star is signified by a dainty diamond placed on top. Both these are unisex designs and can be worn by women and men alike. 

Buy Allah Jewellery Designs that Stand Out

This collection from BlueStone allows you to pick from different forms of aesthetics to express your devoutness. The crescent-moon and star designs are ideal for those who love the subtlety of symbolism while those pendants with calligraphy are ideal when you wish to spell out exactly what you mean. Not only are these unique pendants a great way to reaffirm your values but they also make for beautiful gifts, whether you are buying them for yourself or for a loved one.

The gold pendants in this collection are ideal for sporting on special occasions and festivals. Curving delightfully, the Fidah Pendant follows a looping trajectory. Rather than a conventional circle, this piece features a water drop outline with the calligraphic design placed inside. The Al-Malik Pendant features an eye-catchy calligraphy designs in the two-tone settings. A single diamond sparkles at the pinnacle of the design, giving you just enough shine.

BlueStone channels the essence of your convictions through to versatile, contemporary designs that are well-suited for any occasion. You may wish to wear your faith on your sleeve on a daily basis or bring out these treasures only for special occasions. Either way, by ensuring that the Allah jewellery price remains affordable, BlueStone ensures that you are always able to express your spiritual side.

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