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Add a Hint of Sparkle to Your Look with 2 to 5 Grams Gold Earrings

Any attire is incomplete without a pair of matching earrings. Whether you are wearing a traditional Indian saree or a modern dress, you need the right pair of earrings to increase your style quotient. Our collection of 2 to 5 grams gold earrings are the perfect complement to you and your sense of style. The earrings from this collection are neither too small nor too big. They’re just the ideal size to suit your office attire and to go with any traditional or contemporary outfit. When you buy 2 to 5 grams gold earrings online at BlueStone, you can be sure you’re getting the worth for your love of gold jewellery. Explore this collection and be ready to get mesmerised.

Irresistible 2 to 5 Grams Gold Earrings Collection

We like to spoil our customers for choice. And we do it quite well with the extensive range of earrings in our exclusive collection. Whether you’re looking for a pair of earrings for yourself or for a loved one, you won’t have to move a muscle. We have handpicked some of the best earrings you have ever seen and created a collection only for you. This collection is an assortment of glittering gold earrings made with the highest quality gold. Each piece in this collection is handcrafted to perfection by a skilled artisan.

Do you have a thing for plain gold earrings? We cater to your love for the yellow metal with our fabulous plain gold earrings. The Influential Structure Earrings, the Squared in Appeal Earrings, and the Freida Earrings are some of our favourites from this range. Those who want the glitter of diamonds can go for our mind-blowing range of diamond-studded earrings. Our favourites from this range include the Anamika Earrings and the Dhiya Earrings.

Studs That Can Give You Major Jewellery Goals

Among our widespread range of 2 to 5 grams gold earring designs are studs that you just can’t ignore. The Emily Earrings are 22kt gold studs featuring a shield-like design. They are simple yet exude a sophisticated charisma with their stunning silhouette. The Stryna Earrings are little drops of gold sent to earth from gold heaven. They are made of 22kt gold and feature a dainty flower and a rhodium-plated white dot within a hollow circle of gold. The Rujula Earrings are also made of 22kt gold and feature two hearts, one within the other. The outer heart is a hollow, golden outline and the inner heart is a solid piece of gold coated with rhodium for a beautiful white and yellow contrast.

Among some of the other new designs in 2 to 5 grams gold earrings in our collection are the Prima Earrings. They are made of 18kt gold. Their contemporary star shape lends them a playful design with one of the arms studded with sparkling white diamonds. If you’re looking for trendy 2 to 5 grams gold earrings online, we have just the right studs for you. How about bringing an element of the sea to your jewellery box? The Tortoise Earrings are quirky studs made of 18kt gold. Diamonds studded on the tortoise’s back make it appear more adorable and elegant at the same time.

Choose from a Wide Range of Drops, Hoops, and More

Our collection includes not just stud earrings. It contains a wide range of long drops, short drops, full hoops, half hoops, and more. The Darla Drop Earrings are your solution to glamorous dressing. These drop earrings are made of 18kt gold and feature a pearl hanging from a petite, golden chain suspended from a ring that’s studded with diamonds and a ruby. The Sifrar Earrings are pretty hoops. They are crafted from 18kt gold and studded with glittering diamonds. The Lizandra Drop Earrings feature a unique pattern on their 18kt gold design. The diamonds and round emerald studded on them only add to their grandeur. You’ll find some of the best 2 to 5 grams gold earrings in the world of jewellery only at BlueStone.

A Variety of Gemstone-Studded Earrings for You

Speckled with a variety of gemstones, these earrings are truly lust worthy. The Ambar Kosh Earrings are 18kt gold earrings studded with a divine cluster of gemstones. They feature the navratna gems arranged to resemble a flower and multiple white diamonds studded just above. The Modus Earrings are a petite pair of studs made of 18kt gold and studded with a cluster of white diamonds in the centre and a deep purple amethyst above and below this cluster. You can shortlist the ones you love and try them at home before you buy 2 to 5 grams gold earring designs from our collection.

2 to 5 Grams Gold Earrings for Kids and Men

Our collection of earrings from this range is meant not just for women. We have creatively crafted designs for men and kids too. Our men’s collection includes bestsellers like the Autre Earring for Him. Do you prefer a hoop rather than a stud? We have the Cirque Earring for Him and the Felicite Earring for him to spruce up your look.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you buy a pair of earrings for your kid? Of course, the weight! That’s why our collection of 2 to 5 grams earrings is your best bet. For starters, our collection simple hoops like the Infinite Affection Earrings for Kids. For those prefer diamonds or gemstones can opt for the Apple Orchard Earrings for Kids or the Adorable Bear Earrings for Kids.

That’s not all. Our collection has more than 700 exquisite designs handcrafted for you. The 2 to 5 grams gold earrings price tag accompanying our selection of jewels will make you want to buy them all. Don’t say that we didn’t tell you!

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