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Workwear Bangles: Of Minimalism and Perfection

Your workplace is where you spend most of your time. It is a space that requires careful focus and attention to details. Keeping it neat and simple at the workplace is the mantra to go distraction free. For this simple reason, most of the women buy workwear bangle designs that are simple with clean cuts. Modern women like to wear minimal, elegant pieces of jewellery that make a style statement of their own. Some of the daily wear designs that are simplistic in nature include the Verena Bangle, the Chaste Pride Bangles and the Dasia Bangle. The options are endless and complement formal western wear to simple ethnic wear.

Clean and Radiant: Workwear Bangle Designs

We believe the modern working woman opts for neat and crisp designs. She desires realistic, uncomplicated patterns and elegant, polished finishes. While playing with the minimalistic look and feel of a wrist piece, most of them prefer less colour play. Thus, the workwear bangle designs include monochrome schemes and earthy tones with natural metallic sheen. Most often than not, self-prints and simple embellishments are preferred. Try the Edda Bangle, the Divyashree Bangle or the Drina Bangle. Versions that go a notch above simplicity, but incorporate clean cuts include the Tones Trump Bangles, the Careen Axis Bangle, and the Shapely Guised Bangles. Keeping the pattern play and colour clash to a bare minimum, these ornaments are perfect for a day at work.

Simplicity and convenience: Buy Workwear Bangles Online

While computers make your work tasks easy, they can be put to good use for ordering with us too. Simply check the workwear bangles price that works for you and place the order online. All the designs boast of clean shades and subtle, natural hues that are rather soothing to the eyes. Just because floral never goes out of style, we at BlueStone have bangles with flowery designs too. Choose from the Lynna Bangle, the Janaya Bangle and the Iona Bangle. Indulge in sophisticated, single pieces that cuff your wrists or invest in pretty and smart bands. If you are the woman who loves thicker pieces for the wrist, buy workwear bangle designs from the Chisel Vision Bangles, the Jashan Bangles or the Ethereally Crafted Bangle. As you can see, there is a tempting range of patterns and designs that fit the work sphere well.

The Twists and Twirls

If you are looking for workwear bangles with a twist, quite literally, we have the Grazia Bangle and the Obele Bangle. Besides these, scan the range of varied textures, studded and embossed patterns and take your pick after scanning through the workwear bangles price. We know of women who just cannot part with diamonds. For them, we have tailored diamond studded wristlets like the Simara Bangle, the Wondrous Impulse Bangle, the Verena Bangle and more. Diamonds are available in the form of bracelets too. Check the Ivalyn Bangle, the Jacey Bangle or the Ivan Bangle. For gemstone lovers, there are these – the Timeless Charishma Bangle and the Courtlyn Cuff Bangle. As simple as it gets, buy workwear bangles online and save time.

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