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White Sapphire Earring Designs: Sapphires Are Your New Best Friend

Derived from the Latin word sapphirus and the Greek word sappirus, both meaning blue, sapphires are the gemstones of royalty, wisdom and loyalty. An ancient folklore also has it that the Ten Commandments were originally written on sapphire tablets. In the medieval days, kings preferred to wear sapphire jewellery to protect and ward off the evil eye.

What happens when these bright sapphires are set in white gold along with dazzling diamonds? They create soulful white sapphire earring designs that are treasures you can cherish forever. Ever wondered why earrings are very dear to women? Let’s tell you why – earrings are the closest to face and enhance facial features. That is why at BlueStone we have an ensemble of earrings that are available with various gemstones in patterns that are traditional and modern. Buy white sapphire earrings online and bring home these stony studs, hanging hoops, dazzling drops, and trendy mismatched varieties with convenience and ease!

Buy White Sapphire Earring Designs in Blue and White

Ancient Persian poets imagined that the blue hues of the evening skies were a reflection of the deep blue of the sapphire stones. You can own a piece of your sapphire heaven today when you buy white sapphire earring designs from BlueStone. The deep blue of the sapphire is highlighted by the striking light of the diamonds around them and dazzle in everlasting glory. Wear them as studs in the Floral Daze Earrings or let them hang as hoops in the Ecstatic Foliole Earrings. If drop earrings are your choice, then the Kayli Drop Earrings that are long and luminous will do all the talking. Pair them with the party dress for the celebrity on the red carpet look.

Don’t want to miss these majestic beauties in your workwear wardrobe? Worry not as we have the Zula Earrings that are simple yet sensuous. Or make your workwear stylish and trendy with the Coral Mismatch Earrings and stand out among the corporate crowd.

Princess Diana loved the blue sapphires so much so that she chose an engagement ring with a blue sapphire when she could have had any other stone. As on date the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is the proud owner of the blue sapphire ring that is an heirloom jewellery of the Royal English Family. Write your royal story today with the regal Soika Earrings with oval-shaped blue sapphires set amongst sparkling diamonds. Or experience heaven on earth in the Treasure Trove Earrings from the anniversary collection. The best part about the white sapphire earring designs is the price range and you will be pleasantly surprised that a piece of royal beauty is not only for the deep-pockets.

The Sapphire Surprise: Shades of Pink and Yellow

If you thought that sapphires come only in the deep blue and purple shades then you are in for a terrific surprise. Sapphires display a range of colours from deep purple to pretty pink and bright yellow. A particular variety of pink sapphires from Srilanka are called Padparadscha sapphires and in the Sinhalese language, this means lotus bloom.

Buy white sapphire earrings online from BlueStone where we have the rare and exquisite pink sapphire in multiple shades of pink. The Adela Earrings have pear-shaped sapphires in shocking pink that is a fashionista’s dream comes true. The Cresena Earrings has pastel pink sapphires that are placed amongst diamonds on lines of gold. The angular pattern and the floral design make them versatile enough to magically cross-over the western and traditional wear boundaries.

Sapphires have a range of colours that very few gemstones can offer. If the blue sapphires blew your mind and the pink sapphires possessed your heart, then wait till you see the yellow sapphires emitting the shiny shimmer. It is believed that yellow sapphires have the ability to heal and balance your energy, channelising it in the desired direction. They also bring prosperity and wealth to the wearer. May we add that when you wear these charming stones that are part of the white sapphire earring designs range, you are sure to hear praises about your sense of fashion and taste. Go for the classic Licorice Earrings or the exquisite hoop-shaped Charmed Brilliance Earrings and indulge as much as you can as the white sapphire earrings prices will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Diamonds are not the only white stones that dazzle! The white sapphire stone is equally clear and brilliant in the scale of glitter. The Orbicular Touch Earrings from the special occasion range are truly special and unique.

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