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White Gold Hoop Earrings: When Timeless Designs Meet Current Trends

The very first pair of earrings ever worn by our ancestors was probably a hoop earring. This style evolved with time and today, hoop earrings are a must have for every woman. From large hoops that dust the shoulder blades to delicate hoops that barely encircle the earlobe, from full hoops and half hoops, such earrings are available in different designs and patterns. It goes without saying that hoops are a timeless classic. What happens when this age-old style meets the new and trendy while gold? You get irresistibly beautiful white gold hoop earring designs. Want to see how irresistible they are? Check out BlueStone’s collection of white gold hoops.

The Evolution of Hoop Earrings

The basic hoop earring can be described as a ring that goes through the ear lobe. A pair of gold, crescent hoop earrings belonging to Sumerian women in 2500BC is said to be the first pair of earrings created in this style. As the years passed, the size, materials, embellishment, and shape of hoop changed. Others forms of earrings were also slowly introduced. Hops became popular once more in the 1920s. In the 1960s they overshadowed all other forms of earrings. Today hoops of various sizes are worn by women of all ages. When a young girl gets her ears pierced for the first time, gold hoops are the most preferred earrings. Hoops are not just for kids. They are trending top in the fashion circles and officewear jewellery collections.

A Favourite with Corporate Women

No outfit is complete without a pair of earrings. For working women, earrings tread a fine balance between complementing an outfit and not calling too much attention to themselves. Many women buy white gold hoop earring designs to complement their office wear. They are classy, beautiful, and office-appropriate. The Miles to Go Earrings are perfectly sized with just the right amount of sparkle. The combination of white gold and diamonds give this pair an appeal few others can match. The Iris Earrings is another option for those who prefer diamond studded white gold hoops. Add blue sapphires to this mix and you get a stunning piece like the Zula Earrings. The pieces from our officewear collection will spruce up your professional look instantly.

Different Types of Hoops

Our white gold hoop earring collection has a number of designs. Some hoop earrings like the Kendra Earrings feature a complete hoop and have a traditional appeal. These are full hoops that can be worn through the ear lobe. Others like the Aspasia Earring are half hoops with a screw to keep them in place. They can be dainty like the Sian Earrings or large like the Twisting Tango Earrings. Some hoops may also have elements that dangle from them. For example, the Beatrice Earrings feature an elegant pearl dangling from the hoop. Designs like the Truly Madly Deeply Detachable Earrings can be worn with out without the danglers. Not all hoops are round. The Arva Earrings are a beautiful example of hoops that aren’t round.

The Show Stopping Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings have often made their presence felt on fashion runways and red carpets. You can buy trendy white gold hoop earring online to complement ethnic wear and western wear. The Ilka Hoop Earrings are ideal earrings to complement anarkalis and sarees on festive occasions. Alternatively, you could wear the Ayson Earrings. The Malibu Earrings are perfect for an outfit in any colour. If you like to colour coordinate your earrings and your outfit, take a look at the new designs in white gold hoop earring collection. Ruby studded earrings like the Daiquiri Earrings and the Carmelle Earrings pair beautifully with red or black outfits. On the other hand, the Olivian Earrings could turn people green with envy. If you’re looking for something blue, take a look at the Neo Elegant Earrings.

How to Buy White Gold Hoop Earring According to the Shape of Your Face?

Not everyone can carry off the same earrings. Along with your personality and outfit, you must also keep the shape of your face in mind while selecting hoop earrings. If you have a round face, avoid large circular hoops. Instead, pick designs like the Nikolai Earrings. Large hoops like the Ishtar Earrings are the best white gold hoop earrings for square faces. Designs that soften the cheekbones, like the Stately Charm earrings, are ideal for a rectangular face. Women with an oval face can wear any type of hoops. The Ceeran Hoop Detachable earrings suit such a face just as well as the Arlene Earrings.

Hoop Earring: A Gift Any Woman Will Love

No woman can ever have enough earrings in her jewellery collection. Thus, earrings are the perfect birthday and anniversary gift for a woman. For women born in July, pick the Alvys Hoop Earrings or the Darpan Shringaar Hoop Earrings that feature a dazzling ruby. Emeralds are the birthstone for women born in May. This makes the Aesa Hoop Earrings or the Regal Clasp Hoop Earrings a perfect gift. If you’re looking for an anniversary gift, there’s nothing better than a pair of diamond studded earrings like the Selene Earrings. With some of our designs like the Murciella Earrings, you can also avail of next day delivery services in all major cities in India.

Buy White Gold Hoop Earring Online

Whether you’re looking for big hoop earrings or small hoops, you’re sure to find the perfect pair at BlueStone. We have a wide range of designs to suit women of different ages, style preferences and personalities. Our white gold earrings are typically made in 18kt gold but can also be custom made in 14kt gold. Moreover, you can customise the colour and clarity of diamonds to make your earrings sparkle the way you want. And our white gold hoop earrings prices? As attractive as our designs, we dare say! So choose your favourite hoops today and turn a few heads wherever you go!

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