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Uphaar Collection Jewellery

Uphaar Collection: Give This Diwali A Sparkling Twist

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Diwali? More often than not, it must be something like lights, crackers, sweets, or celebration, right? One of the biggest and the brightest festivals in the country, Diwali is all about rejoicing with your near and dear ones. Enhancing the festive spirit during Diwali is the popular tradition of presenting gifts. This year, why not gift your loved ones sparkle and brightness? Wondering how that can be possible? Well, BlueStone makes it possible through the Uphaar collection, a sparkling array of Diwali jewellery designs.

The Tradition of Giving Gifts on Diwali

Have you ever thought how the tradition of giving gifts on Diwali started? It is believed that this tradition traces its roots to its origin as a harvest festival. Some people believe that after a good harvest, farmers used to rejoice by exchanging gifts and goodies during the festival. An early reference of presenting gifts on Diwali can be found in the seventh century Sanskrit play Nagananda. In it, King Harsha says that Diwali was celebrated by lighting lamps and giving gifts to newly married brides and grooms.

Over the years, exchanging gifts have become an integral part of the festival. Keeping in mind this aspect of the festival, BlueStone has come up with the trendy Uphaar collection online.

What Makes Our Uphaar Collection Special?

In India, Diwali celebrations start several weeks before the festival. And, it is a time of shopping. Just skim through newspapers or the internet, and you will see the kind of offers and discounts awaiting you. Clothing, furniture, dry fruits and food, electronic appliances, and home appliances are some of the popular gifting choices for Diwali. Well, how about giving your gifts a sparkling twist?

Yes, our Uphaar collection is just what you need to make this Diwali special. To begin with, the pendants, earrings, and rings in this collection are made of gold. The festival of lights is associated with prosperity, so what better gift can you give your loved ones than finely crafted jewellery made of this precious metal?

Secondly, each of these designs contains one or more sparkling diamonds. They are sure to remind you of all the glitz associated with the festival. And more importantly, our prices! You don’t have to break your bank to buy one of these finely crafted trinkets. Take, for instance, our Rina Pendant and Induja Pendant. Their price is less than what you would pay for a designer saree or a new piece of furniture with 50% discount. What’s more? You can even get these designs custom made in 14kt gold to reduce their price even further. Isn’t that wonderful?

Discover the Beauty of BlueStone’s Uphaar Collection Designs

The word ‘Uphaar’ means a token of love. As the name indicates, this collection is all about expressing your love for your near and dear ones. This Diwali gifting collection is designed for the modern women, keeping in mind their tastes and style. Representing the spirit of the season are designs like the Amla Pendant and the Amla Stud Earrings. Both highlight a floral theme and ideal for women who like flowers. When combined with the Amla Ring, they can add to any woman’s get up instantly. And the best part? Each of these designs comes studded with 27 shining diamonds. What a sparkling gift to capture the essence of Diwali!

Fashioned by skilful craftsmen, each trinket from this collection is a work of art. Take a look at our Oditi Ring or Hiya Stud Earrings to understand why we say so. Our unique designs are sure to add to the celebration mood of your dear ones. From statement pieces like the Maha Pendant to gorgeous items like the Omana Ring, we have everything to brighten up your festive spirits.

Make Your Pick from Our Best Uphaar Collection Rings

When you want to pamper someone with a stunning gift, rings are a wonderful choice. Our new designs in Uphaar collection have a great selection of rings. Designs like our Parni Ring or the Rina Ring are ideal for women of all ages. The floral motifs are a stylish take on conventional designs. You can go for our Ekantika Ring or the Devina Ring if you want something sleek and elegant. Both the designs are suitable for the party look as well as the workwear look.

Festivals are the best time to express your love for someone in the form of a wisely chosen gift. For a romantic gift, we suggest the Pasha Ring. The dual heart design of this ring can melt the heart of your beloved. Check out our Oni Ring if you want something simple. This fashionable ring draws attention with its unique design.

Choose from Our Uphaar Collection Pendants

Pendants can be worn in all seasons and for all reasons. They also make great gifts because unlike a ring or bangle, you don’t have to worry about the wearer’s size when you gift them a pendant. That’s exactly why our Diwali gift collection of jewellery contains a number of creatively curated designs.

Check out our Malona Pendant, for instance. The mesh design twinkles with diamonds. Are you looking for something extraordinary? If you want something minimal, you can’t go wrong with our Akshadha Pendant which features a leaf-like design. The Chitrita Pendant and the Hiya Pendant are other best-sellers that can make a lovely gift. You don’t have to think twice to buy Diwali gift jewellery for your loved ones when we offer you such stunning pieces, do you?

Select from Our Uphaar Collection Earrings

A gift of earrings can bring a smile on the face of any woman. We have a variety of studs in this collection. Each of them is flawless and absolutely stunning. From floral designs to trendy patterns, you can find everything here. Items like our Uma Stud Earrings and Rina Stud Earrings have petal designs and serve great as party wear. Our Avantika Stud Earrings, which is perfect for a festive look, can make heads turn no matter what you pair it with. If you want to buy a gorgeous pair, you can pick from designs like our Aashi Stud Earrings or the Chitrita Stud Earrings.

But that’s not all. The list of our designs doesn’t stop here. We have many other exceptional designs. Why not explore them all and buy Uphaar collection online? The best thing about this lightweight collection is that it is pocket-friendly. Yes, our Uphaar collection prices are quite affordable and will not upset your festival budget one bit. So, make the most of your Diwali gifting with this collection from BlueStone.


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