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Topaz Pendants for the Creative Minds

There are many who believe that the name topaz was derived from the old Greek name Tapazios which was a small island in the Red Sea. There are some who believe that topaz refers to tapas in Sanskrit which means fiery. While ancient Greeks thought wearing topaz gave them strength, Indians believed that topaz worn as pendants gave beauty, intelligence, and longevity. Today topaz, the brilliant hard stone occurring in a fine range of colours is associated with creativity and good fortune. The designers at BlueStone bring to you a range of pendants studded with the charming topaz. Buy topaz pendants online from BlueStone and make a style statement.

The Dazzle of Diamonds and Floral Themes

Diamonds and flowers, you can’t say no to them. That’s precisely why we have pendants studded with diamonds and topaz as well as flower themed designs. Our most sought after Quantao Pendant features a brilliant and huge trillion cut blue topaz in a prong setting highlighted by twenty four diamonds. The contrasting colours of the blue topaz and diamonds have an unmatched vivacity to them. Another striking design is the Kurant Pendant with the oval blue topaz stone that is encircled in a sea of splendid diamonds.

Floral motifs in pendant designs are always adorable and topaz with the brilliant blue shade is the perfect choice for floral designs. The Ursula Pendant is a closely woven floral design in gold with the fetching topaz stone in the centre. The Princess Blossom Pendant is a topaz pendant design that combines the shimmer of a diamond, warmth of the blue topaz along with a classy pearl. The floral design is set with a round cut blue topaz in the centre and the grandeur is enhanced with the diamond and pearl. If you are looking for special occasion topaz pendant designs will make heads turn towards you then look no further.

Buy Topaz Pendant Designs for Your Special Occasions

Whatever may be your occasion, we have a topaz pendant for you. Take a close look at the Ace Feather Pendant that has an intricate design of the peacock in the centre and five blue topaz stones representing the lustrous feathers. The pearl and diamonds complement and enhance the beauty of this eye-catching design. The Azura Pendant is set inside a twirl of diamonds and looks striking. The Charis Pendant has three blue topaz stones that are placed on gold in a linear arrangement. The round cut topaz in the centre is highlighted by the princess cut topaz stones on either side.

If you would like to combine the elegance of emeralds and the charm of topaz for your special occasions, then go for the Bluebell Shine Pendant. You will never miss a beat with the heart-shaped blue topaz and the emeralds perched above. We have the Avyukta Pendant in the special occasion religious jewellery range. What other colour than blue to remind us of the wearer of peacock feather Lord Krishna. The pendant is shaped like a peacock feather and the presence of the blue topaz makes it mesmerising.

Check out the Courtly Cygnet Pendant for Kids with the pear-shaped topaz on a swan. The attractive design, appealing colour, and the lightweight will charm your little ones don’t you think.

Topaz Pendant Designs in White Gold

Blue topaz pendant designs set in white gold have an enchanting grace and the Notable Artistry Pendant will show you why. The stunning diamonds in white gold bring out the radiance of the sky blue topaz stone. The Angel’s Teardrop Pendant is a stylish pendant with two pear-shaped blue topaz stones set in white gold.

We have a range of topaz pendant designs for men as well. The popular Freedom Pendant is a fun design in solid gold. You can display your pride and patriotism with the Vande Mataram Pendant and the Ashoka Chakra Pendant too.

Don’t wait longer. Check out our designs and buy topaz pendant that you like. Remember, our topaz pendants’ prices will not burn a hole in your pocket.

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