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Women’s Ruby Rings: Drenched in Red

Rubies are the first gemstones that come to everyone’s minds when they think of the colour red; and why not? Rubies for long have been adorning various pieces of jewellery. The best part of the gemstone is that they vary in colour from light tinted pinkish-red hues to shades of blood red. This adds flavour and fascination to the piece in play. With the redness of the stone swooping women off their feet, there ought to be dedicated designs in the most exquisite rubies for them. Keeping the stone close to their hearts, most of them like to opt for a ruby finger ring. Thus, the designers at BlueStone have crafted a range of stunning women's ruby ring designs. Here is a sneak peek into some of the trending pieces.

The Red Petals: Buy Women's Ruby Ring Designs

Ruby rings incorporate pinks and reds of varying depths. They form the most beautiful floral patterns set in intricate designs and complicated twines. Some of the flower-based designs can be seen in the Loving Rose ring, the Flowerina Ring, the Jolanda ring, the Flowery Panache Ring and the Lodima Ring. However, the quest for ruby florets doesn’t end here. It continues in expansive and massive nets of deep designs that make some of the best and bold pieces.

How about taking the ruby floral game to the next level? Catch the brilliantly designed floral women's ruby rings such as the Estella Ring, the Shagufta Ring, the Audre Ring, the Goldy Ring and the Lanet Ring. Those are the most provocatively loud designs, but there are a few that weave the floral scene in a relatively milder tone. They include well-defined rose petals in combinations of two, set in rose gold and rubies, of course. They are the Florian Rose Ring, the Aamara Ring, the Jared Ring and the Wild Rose Ring. 

Rubies Trending and Crowning

Simple yet trendy studs of rubies are found in a lot of varieties of rings at BlueStone. All you have to do is scan through our women's ruby rings’ prices across the series and pick the one that you that gives you a makeover. Some of the oddly shaped and trendiest patterns include the Kendra Ring, the Elspeth Ring, the Lyla Ring, the Klara Ring and the Skye Ring. Then there are those that run into the next finger as well. They are the Ainsley Two Finger Ring, the Daliyah Two Finger Ring, the Janna Two Finger Ring and the Fatal Femme Ring. Other head-turners include hints of different hues like blue and green in the like of the Aakifah Ring, the Manha Ring, and the Farheen Ring.

Some of the ruby rings are seen in the shape of a crown with rubies sprinkled all along. These gorgeous pieces easily make it to the best lot. Some of them are the Aaren Crown Ring, the Avianna Ring, the Joni Crown Ring, the Amberly Crown Ring, the Jorja Crown Ring, the Deaan Ring and the Lexie Ring. Try them from the comfort of your home if you want to buy women's ruby rings online.

Red and Shiny Whites: Buy Women's Ruby Rings Online

Buy women's ruby ring designs from us online. It is so convenient and saves time. Before you make your choice, how about gauging at some patterns comprising of rubies with your favourites pearly whites? Take a look at the pearl and ruby collection like the Tait Ring and Pendant and the Tami Ring and Pendant that have an extra pulse of blooming pearl in them. You could also lay your hands on bold flowers with a central pearl as seen in the Annis Ring, the Elfie Ring, and the Flora Allure Ring.

We can never forget to mention the pearly presence with the other eight gemstones of the navratna collection. Try the linear arrangement of the nine stones in the Navyaksh Ring, the spoke-like pattern in the Surya Kiran Ring or the floral fusion in the Tanushri Ring, the Pushpanjali Ring, the Priyala Ring or the Jamini Ring.   

As we mentioned earlier, you have only taken a sneak peek into the designs. Explore in depth and find a ruby ring that charms you.

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