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Ruby Bracelets: Red Stones of Beauty

Rubies are by far one of the most cherished stones by women. They add the essential bold colour pop to an otherwise ordinary piece of jewellery. These red beauties are famous for their connections with love, beauty, elegance, confidence and glam. They are indicative of the power of a woman. Whether they depict love, boldness or strength, we just love them for the colour and radiance they emit.

We at BlueStone have so many ruby bracelet designs, that you can never go out of options. If too many options confuse you, just pick the one that grabs your attention in the first glance. As simple as it sounds, they are equally simple to buy. All that you have to do is place your order online and the pretty red thing in shining armour is yours.

Glitter in Red: Buy Ruby Bracelet Designs

Glittering ruby stones are worth a hole in the pocket, if we may say so. Take a pick from the umpteen ruby bracelet designs. Choose from black beads, white gold or yellow metal as the base to single rubies, multiple sets, and diamond couples. Whatever you pick, bask in the shades of red and shine on, because these are here to stay. The Maestro Bracelet with its perfect combination of yellow and white gold, with rubies studded in a linear fashion, never fails to impress anyone. Talking of black beads and gold, there are three varieties, namely the Kiya Bracelet, the Holika Bracelet, and the Harmya Bracelet. Compare the ruby bracelets price to see what matches your budget the best. Just like every other ornament, a lot of thought has gone into designing these delicate wristlets with red studs as well.

Red rubies are a big yes, in any festival, special occasion, a proposal, wedding or anything under the Sun. They stun the world with their charismatic presence and sparkle all the way up to people’s heart and soul. Choose a ruby bracelet that matches your style. Is your style edgy, classic, hippie or bold? Think of your style and the statement you want to make. After that, take a good look at the collection and decide the metal – gold, white gold or black beads. Once this is decided, narrow down your search to the most striking ruby or set of rubies and we are sure you will be able to pick the most well-deserved piece. If your style is bold, for instance, pick the chunky gold bracelet from the series – the Maharaja Bracelet. As the name denotes, it talks of valour and solid content and suits for men who want to make a bold statement. An interrupted string of rubies cased in 18kt gold, this one is worth every penny you spend. Buy ruby bracelet designs from our website and go bold, go happy.

Red All The Way: Buy Ruby Bracelets Online

Own one, own two, or own many – just pick yours from the exclusive range of ruby bracelet designs at BlueStone. Order as many as you want online and check the ruby bracelets price on the website. These red marvels add just the right amount of colour and just the right contrast needed to pump up the glamourous look. White and red or red and yellow, take a look at the range that we offer. Two cute bow ties hugging a ruby encircled with diamonds can be found in the Karlitha Bracelet. A very delicate variety in white gold is the Petals Bracelet, containing diamonds and rubies in each petal of the bracelet. Taking the spiritual path is the Om Ganesha Bracelet, which has a depiction of Lord Ganesh in gold, diamond, and ruby. Another one is the Divinity Eye Bracelet that has two diamonds and a ruby roped on to gold. Are you fond of multiple gemstones and like it colourful? If yes, the Tanushri Bracelet with its navaratna stones, diamonds, and central ruby is meant for you.

Explore our range, find out the one that matches your style needs and place an order. If you choose our home try-on option, we will bring the pieces you choose to your home and you can try them without any obligation to purchase. Try them, feel them and the buy them right away.

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