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Women's Rose Quartz Rings

Women's Rose Quartz Ring Designs: Beckoning the Fashionista in You

Many of us remember Love can move mountains as an iconic song of Celine Dion’s. When it was released in 1992, the song swept listeners off their feet. The lyrics of the song resonate with the belief that love is a powerful emotion that can melt even stones. But what if we tell you that there are stones that may help to kindle emotions of love in you? If you are surprised to hear this, then you probably haven’t heard about the qualities of the rose quartz. This gemstone has been known for centuries as the amplifier of romantic feelings and happiness in the wearer. With its attractive look, warm pink hues, and mystic qualities, rose quartz comes across as a brilliant choice for all kinds of jewellery, including rings. No wonder, women’s rose quartz ring designs are getting all the attention and preference from modern fashionistas.

Intriguing Qualities of Rose Quartz

The rose quartz is also known as the love stone. Being connected to the heart chakra, one of the seven primary energy vortexes in our body, it helps to ignite and attract love in all forms. Many people wear rose quartz jewellery when they are under stress or suffer from low self-esteem. Wearing rose quartz jewellery help to heal emotional wounds, reduce insecurities, remove fears, and enhance the sense of self-worth. It is a crystal that can help you to attract the love that your heart craves for and bring you inner peace. It is believed that this crystal is most effective when worn at all times of the day. That is why rose quartz rings are an easy and effective solution to derive the benefits of this unique gemstone.

Women's Rose Quartz Ring Designs by BlueStone: Nothing Short of Sheer Magic

To quote John Keats, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Women’s rose quartz ring designs by BlueStone are an embodiment of this notion. Our collection of women’s rose quartz rings are not just artistic, they are fashionable as well. BlueStone brings to you women’s rose quartz ring designs crafted in 18kt rose gold. The hues of the rose coloured gemstone perfectly complement the rose colour of the metal, lending our rings an attractive aura.

Consider our Florence Love Ring as a case in point. Set with a large heart-shaped rose quartz, this rose gold ring is a striking beauty. Its fusion style makes it a perfect choice for weekend jewellery or a party wear fashion ring. For those of you who love the combination of diamonds and gemstones, we have attractive pieces like the Lia Heart Ring and the Terra Rose Quartz Ring. Each is a unique design that has a heart-shaped rose quartz set with multiple diamonds. Pick any of them and you can rock your party look or festive getup with ease. 

When you explore and buy women’s rose quartz ring designs from BlueStone, you get to select pieces that are a style statement in themselves. Take, for instance, our Elea Heart Ring. This stunning beauty sparkles with the glow of three rose quartz stones and sixteen diamonds studded against a striking design in rose gold. Wear it to your weekend get-together or flaunt it at any party and be ready to receive loads of compliments for your choice.

Why Buy Women's Rose Quartz Rings Online from BlueStone?

The pieces in our women’s rose quartz rings collection feature one of more heart-shaped stones. That makes them a perfect gifting option for Valentine’s Day. So men, if you are planning to spring a surprise for your special woman on this Valentine’s Day, say no to the much clichéd diamonds and rubies and choose these blushing beauties. When we offer you the stones of love in the shape of the heart and set on the ever-romantic rose gold, these rings will plead your case louder and better than you do.

BlueStone’s rose quartz ring collection for women ticks all the boxes for beauty, creativity, quality, and price. Being a leading online jeweller, we bring to you best-quality jewellery that boasts of impeccable craftsmanship. We offer certified jewellery that comes with a lifetime exchange and buy-back policy. Along with our exceptional designs and affordable women’s rose quartz ring prices, we also offer 30-days money back policy. Last, but not the least, we help to spread smiles on the lips of our customers with our variety of jewellery.

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