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Rose Quartz Jewellery

Rose Quartz Jewellery: Stunning Jewels That Reflect Love

The delicate pink hue of rose quartz is like a blush on your cheeks. Its soft tone is a compliment to rose gold. When the two are combined to create exquisite jewellery, they exude a gorgeous feminine charm that is hard to ignore. Our rose quartz jewellery designs include a wide range of adornments, including pendants, rings, earrings, and necklaces. While you would want to have it all and keep our rose quartz jewellery only to yourself, the pieces in our collection make for gorgeous gifts for the special people in your life. Browse our exquisite assortment to buy rose quartz jewellery designs that leave you enthralled.

Lore of the Love Stone Dates Back Centuries

Rose quartz is often known as a love stone for its power to attract and reinforce love. The history and lore of these lovely gemstones make it one of the most valueable jewels of all times. The oldest rose quartz beads that have been found by archaeologists in Mesopotamia, which is the modern day Iraq, date back to as early as 7000 BC. It is believed that the Assyrians used rose quartz to make jewellery in 800-600 BC. Quartz amulets and talismans were used by many Roman, Greek, Egyptian cultures and those of the Americas too. People of many of these ancient civilisations considered rose quartz to be a powerful stone with magical powers.

Choose from a Wide Range of Rose Quartz Jewellery Designs

At BlueStone, we have handpicked some of the best rose quartz jewellery designs for you. And we offer an attractive rose quartz jewellery price. If you’re looking for a stunning ring to propose your love to your Ms. Right, we have just the right designs that will speak volumes about your love for her. The Terra Rose Quartz Ring is an ideal ring for proposing and also makes for a great engagement or wedding ring because of its ethereal design. It is crafted from 18kt rose gold and features a heart-shaped rose quartz exuding surreal charm with its pale pink colour. It is studded on the ring with a prong setting that will keep the stone in place no matter how adventurous she is! It is also studded with diamonds and carries a silver-tone charm that accentuates the overall beauty of the ring. Another ring that is made especially for those who are romantic at heart is the Florence Love Ring. It is made by joining multiple hearts made using 18kt rose gold and features a heart-shaped rose quartz that complements the ring’s heart design.

If you want to be spoilt for choice, you should buy rose quartz jewellery online only at BlueStone. We have decided to spoil you silly with our enchanting collection of rose quartz jewellery, such as our assortment of pendants. The Alonza Rose Quartz Pendant is a marvellous 18kt rose gold creation featuring three heart-shaped rose quartz gemstones on a subtle yet glamorous design. Similarly, the Celia Pendant features a butterfly-on-a-heart silhouette crafted from 18kt rose gold and studded with diamonds and a shimmering rose quartz. The Cira Rose Quartz Pendant has two hearts on its stunning 18kt rose gold design, one is studded with round sparkling diamonds and the other is a heart-shaped rose quartz.

When rose quartz is used to make earrings, it takes the beauty of the finished piece to the next level. The Heart to Heart Drop Earrings are proof of the elegance this rare gemstone lends to jewellery. These earrings have a simple design made of 18kt rose gold and a heart-shaped rose quartz studded within the dangling, diamond-studded heart on each earring of this pair. They are versatile earrings that you can pair with any casual, formal, festive, and party attire. Have you heard that there’s beauty in mismatch? To see it for yourself, check out the Amor Rose Quartz Mismatch Earrings. Together they make the word “Love” with one of the pairs carrying the letter L and a heart-shaped rose quartz to signify the O of love. The other one of this pair of earrings carries the letter VE. For more such exquisite jewellery, take a look at the stunning pieces we have curated for you.

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