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The Majestic Beauty of Princess Pendant Designs

As unbelievable as it might sound, diamond and gemstones in their naturally occurring form don’t resemble anything like their jewellery versions. They don’t have the fire or brilliance we normally associate with jewels; nor do they shine as brightly as their finely cut counterparts. One of the key factors that contribute to their fire, clarity, brilliance, colour, and sparkle is the way they are cut. A gemstone can be cut in many different ways, the round cut being the most popular of them all. The second most popular cut is called the princess cut and a gemstone cut this way has a quadrangular charm few other cuts can match. Want to sport one of these beauties? Choose from the exquisite range of princess pendant designs offered by BlueStone. Elegantly crafted, and creatively designed, each of these pendants come studded with one or more princess cut diamond or gemstone.

Everything You Should Know about the Princess Cut

One of the key characteristics of this cut is the square or rectangular shape it lends to a gemstone. Unsurprisingly, the princess cut is also referred to as the square or rectangular modified brilliant cut. Though a relative newcomer to the world of jewellery, it is the most brilliant of all square shapes and that’s why it is hugely popular with jewellery enthusiasts. A typical princess gemstone is square on top and tapers down as it goes down to the bottom, which makes it look much like an inverted pyramid with four slanting sides. This unique structure helps a princess gemstone to disperse more light than its other square-cut counterparts. Though originally developed for diamonds, the princess cut is used today for shaping a wide variety of gemstones.

The Eternal Charm of Princess Pendant Designs

A princess diamond or gemstone looks charming no matter how you set it. It can make a pendant an absolute stunner singlehandedly or in combination with other stones. Take, for instance, the Root Chakra Pendant in our collection. This 18kt gold pendant has a princess cut ruby at its centre. This single, central stone is the highlight of the design and the bright red ruby adds to its can’t-take-eyes-off factor.

Due to their square shape in the face-up part, princess stones can be placed sided by side without creating any gaps. Take a look at the Aliss Pendant and the Orion Pendant made of 18kt white gold. They both have four princess-cut diamonds set tightly and closely against one another. And the result? They shine together to create the visual impression of a large diamond.

Timeless Classics Bordered with Diamonds

A large, colourful, princess cut central stone surrounded by diamonds is a popular design favoured by women. The Farnell Pendant is a fine example of this design. This 18kt gold piece features a large green tourmaline as its central stone, which is bordered with several tiny diamonds. Weekends, weddings, or festive occasions, this classic beauty will up your bling quotient effortlessly.

The Noilly Pendant is a similar design in gold with a citrine serving as the centrepiece. The two rows of diamonds surrounding it add to its sparkle, making it an ideal pick for cocktail nights and special occasions. Throw it on, team it with the Noilly Earrings and the Noilly Ring, and you are all set to dazzle in any party. If you have a thing for white gold, go for the Manzana Pendant that features a pink tourmaline and a cluster of tiny diamonds. 

Buy Princess Pendants Online for Every Occasion

That’s not all. When you buy princess pendant designs from us, you can choose from a mesmerising range of designs and styles that suit every occasion. For everyday wear, consider something simple yet stunning, like the Charis Pendant or the Supreme Stylite Pendant made of gold. Our white gold collection includes everyday wear pieces such as the Grand Allure Pendant and the Wonderous Fusion Pendant. Those looking for a religious pendant with a princess cut gemstone can opt for the Devarya Pendant and the Messiah Pendant. The former is a white gold classic studded with diamonds and four princess cut rubies while the latter is a gold cross with a square-shaped diamond set at its centre. The Amal Swastik Pendant and the Swacch Swastika Pendant are other best-sellers from our religious pendant collection.

Buy Princess Pendant Designs for Men

Don’t let yourself be misguided by the name ‘princess’. Our collection has absolute stunners for charming princes too. The Palindrome Pendant made of gold is one such design men can sport on special occasions. Featuring three princess stones – one ruby and two diamonds – this piece is a celebration of the fusion style. The Blue-Blooded Pendant studded with an amethyst is for men who have a penchant for fashion jewellery while the Daring Hero Pendant is a single-stone stunner fit for office wear. Yet again, if football is your first love, go for the Drogba Pendant which is designed like a football. Whether you wear it as a lucky charm when you watch the next league match or sport it for your gym sessions, this gold fashion pendant will turn a few heads for the right reasons.

The good news is that you don’t have to be as rich as a princess or prince to own the pieces. Our princess pendants prices are quite competitive, so you can buy any piece you like without breaking the bank.

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