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Pendants: Beautiful Pieces of Jewellery with a Rich History

Pendants are a popular form of jewellery among women of all ages and personalities. A wide range of pendant designs available nowadays has contributed to their growing popularity. The term pendant is derived from pendere, a Latin word, and pendre, a French word, both of which translate to “to hang”. Pendants are generally available as loose-hanging pieces of precious metals or precious gems attached to a necklace by a small loop.

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and patterns, pendants are arguably one of the most versatile works of art in the world of jewellery designs. However, their popularity is not a recent phenomenon. As one of the earliest forms of bodily embellishment, appealing rocks, shells, and other indigenous materials were worn as pendants. This goes on to say that pendants are possibly the most ancient type of jewellery known today.

Pendants: Roots that Trace Back to Prehistoric Times

Pendants have been worn by people of ancient civilizations in different parts of the world either as jewellery or for other reasons. In prehistoric times, amulets as pendants were the first forms of jewellery. In ancient Egypt, pharaohs wore pendants shaped like scarab beetles as a symbol of their power and wealth. Nobility and royalty of the region also wore oval or oblong pendants called cartouche.

Pendant: A Timeless Classic

While the basic concept of pendants remains the same, modern women have a lot more options compared to their prehistoric counterparts. There are a wide variety of pendants, including plain lockets or ones that open up to an image, pendilia that hang from a larger metalwork, large pearls, gems, cameos, crosses, or even watches. 

Little has changed since ancient times when it comes to amulets as pendants. They are still popular in the twenty-first century as talismans, good luck charms, and for protection from evil eye or other disasters and supernatural forces. While some pendants come with the chain, most pendants are sold without the necklace, which gives you the flexibility to buy one that goes best with the pendant. The ones that come with a pin-back also double up as brooches.

Buy Pendant Online: BlueStone Lets You Be Spoilt for Choice 

If you’re looking for unique designs, BlueStone is the best place to buy pendants online. You can choose from an exclusive range of gold pendants from our Eternal Gold collection of plain gold jewellery. One of the popular pieces in this collection is the Peacock Vivacity pendant. Some of the designs available with us include religious motifs, flower motifs, cartoon characters for kids, and lockets. You can also buy a customised gold pendant based on the level of purity, 14kt, 18kt gold, or 22kt gold, and made in unique designs under different price ranges. Gold Pendant never goes out of fashion—it goes well with most outfits, is good for daily wear, and offers an attractive resale value. 

As popular as our gold pendants are the diamond studded pendants, gemstone studded pendants. A popular one in our collection of studded pendants is the Epitome Luxuriate pendant. You will also find pendants studded with colourful semi-precious stones, including topaz, pearl, tourmaline, peridot, rose quartz, garnet, and more, also set in gold of varying purity. Studded pendants are trendy, perfect for special occasions, and go well with office wear.

Couldn’t find anything that matches your personality? You can also choose to buy pendant designs online for custom-made pendants based on your specifications. Our unique designs, an unmatched collection, and competitive online pendant prices will keep you coming back to us.

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