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Dazzle your Way to the Moon and Back with Pearl Bangle Designs

Pearls have often manoeuvred their way to the choicest jewellery collections, time and again. Recently, they have been known to replace even diamonds in certain instances in the wardrobes of some of the impeccably charming Hollywood celebrities. Thanks to the benevolent patronage of stars like Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, and Kiera Knightly, pearls have secured a reputation for themselves there.

Not just in the crème-de-la-crème of Hollywood, pearl bangles have quite the say in Indian fashion gamut as well. But what is it about pearls that have made the kinds of Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut endorse them above all else? Is it that the sophisticated charm or the element of divinity? Maybe it is both, now add to that the unparalleled panache of pearl bangles and you will know why they enjoy such undue favour from celebs far and near.

Pearl bangles are classy. They come in different shapes and sizes and auras, and every time they swipe you off your feet. There are many ways to go about pearl bangles but here’s how to do it right.

How to Choose the Right Bangle for the Right Occasion

What looks good on you will depend on where you are headed. Buy pearl bangle designs that will complement the look and feel of your outfit. Go for authentic Indian pearl bangles if your destination is a big fat Indian wedding and you are thinking of mesmerising everyone with your favourite zardozi saree. You can go for a pearl bangle embellished with ghungroo too for that matter.

For a more sophisticated and polished look, try something simple yet brilliant. The sleek designer pearl bangles furnish you with a glamorous corporate look. In fact, there is something absolutely stunning about a low cut black dress, a pair of high heels and the 18kt gold Paragon Bangle, made of off-white pearls and punctuated with alluring green emeralds.

Shop at BlueStone: Buy Pearl Bangles Online

Wondering where to get the perfect pearl bangle to complement your look? Now your pearl hunt has a new destination, BlueStone. How to reach us? Turn on your electronic device and tap into your Wi-Fi. We are just a few clicks away. At BlueStone, the pearl bangle collection has a certain significance. These bangles are classy yet guileless, with an elusive charm about them. They are not traditional, strictly speaking, but they effortlessly bridge the gap between generations.

The pearl bangle designs at BlueStone are immodestly inspired from the fire and free spirit of the contemporary women, those who rule at work and also run the house. Take the 18kt white gold, Dazzling Floria Bangle for instance. It glows softly with the mysticism of a lilac blue flame and looks best when paired with posh party attire.

The 18kt gold Doris Bangle shares a slightly different demeanour. Studded with white pearls and diamonds this bangle has a pointed edge to it. You can wear it to work or save it for the much-awaited family reunion. Pair it with an outfit with a slightly traditional inclination and dress up to steal the limelight.

You have the 18kt Sweet Memory Bangle that has a rather jolly appearance. Decked with white pearl and pink tourmaline, this pearl bangle makes for the perfect casual wear. Wear it to work, or on a date or on your best friend’s birthday and look pleasingly pretty.

For more permutation and combinations of precious pearl bangle designs, make sure you keep a regular eye on our website. Here you can check and compare our pearl bangles prices and make a well-informed purchase.

If you have your heart set on a particular design and you want to try it on, be sure to get in touch. As a part of BlueStone’s services, our representative will reach you at your doorstep. You can try the products without any obligation of purchase. Wish you a happy online shopping experience at our e-store.

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