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Pear pendant designs: The pears that glitter

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘pear’? It might remind foodies of the sweetness and aroma of the green-coloured fruit named pear and it might mean a body shape to some others. However, for a true lover of jewellery and gems, it conjures the sparkling picture of the pear-shaped diamond or gemstone dangling from an artfully crafted piece of ornament. Diamonds and colourful gems shaped like a pear look stunning when etched on any piece of ornament, especially pendants. Designers use such stones, also known as teardrop stones, to make a dazzling range of pear pendant designs in yellow as well as white gold.

Pear pendant designs: A Belgian saga

When you buy elegant pieces of jewellery, you seldom think of the hands that crafted them or the brains behind those designs. But before you buy a pear-shaped pendant, take a moment and pay your honours to Lodewyk van Berquem, a Belgian diamond cutter who fashioned the world’s first pear-shaped diamond in the fifteenth century. Jewellery makers experimented with this shape in the centuries that followed, which gave rise to many iconic pear-shaped pendants and earrings worn by the royalty and celebrities. Any book written on pear diamonds will certainly have a chapter on celebrities’ love affair with such diamonds and especially on the Taylor-Burton diamond – the iconic diamond Richard Burton gifted to Elizabeth Taylor who later wore it as a pendant on her necklace.

Pear shape and pendant designs: Made for each other

A unique feature of pear diamonds is that they could be used as pendants by piercing a hole at the narrow end. And that’s exactly how people first wore pear diamonds on their chains. Even today, the standard variety of pear pendant designs feature a pear shaped diamond with a hook attached to the hole made at its narrow end. A large pear-shaped central stone embedded in yellow or white gold is another popular variation you can find when you buy pear pendant designs. Modern jewellers give this classic pattern a contemporary flair by adding diamond halos around these central stones.

That’s not all. Pendants that use a combination of pear and other shapes and stylish designs made with multiple pear-shaped stones are also quite fashionable these days. Today, you can buy pear pendant designs online and the collections offered by online jewellers abound in style and design varieties. Being the perfect blend of round and marquise cuts, the pear-shaped stones add glitter and elegance to these pendants.

The pear-shaped wonders handcrafted by BlueStone

At BlueStone, we offer you an amazing collection of pear pendant designs made of white or gold in classic and contemporary designs. Our designers use precious and semi-precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, amethysts, topazes, etc. designed in the shape of a pear to give these pieces a classy and stylish look.

The Helios Pendant and the Angel’s Teardrops Pendants are crafted after the classic pear pendant design but our designers have given them a modern twist. The Ecstatic Foliole Pendant and the Wishful Drop Pendant are made in white gold and the pear-shaped blue sapphire at their centre is encircled by a halo of tiny pave diamonds. We also have pieces with two or more pear-shaped stones, such as the Preksha Pendant.

Besides these, you can buy pear pendants online from BlueStone in contemporary patterns and styles. We also have an exclusive collection for kids that include the Sightly Swan Pendant for Kids and the Darling Duckling Pendant for Kids. The pear pendants’ prices vary from design to design based on the type and the number of stones used on them.

Diamonds, rubies, and emeralds: The royal triad in pear pendant designs

Jewellery that features diamonds and emeralds, such as the Sanchal Pendant of our collection, is a beauty to behold. Pear pendant designs made with diamonds and rubies such as the Aspira Pendant radiate sheer vivacity. But when all three of these stones are used on a single piece of jewellery, it is nothing less than an absolute luxury. That’s why BlueStone brings to its signature collection of pear pendants designed with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. The Detachable Kalakriti Pendant and the Epitome Luxuriate Pendant, some of the hot-selling pieces in this collection, speak volumes about the wearer’s royal charm.

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