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Three Stone Earrings

Three-Stone Earrings: Designed to Let You Indulge in Luxury

Nothing makes quite a statement like three-stone earrings. Wearing them shows your love for indulging in the best. Our three-stone earrings are studded with neither one, nor two, but three exquisite cuts of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Signifying the past, the present, and the future, the brilliant stones on these earrings are the embodiments of the beautiful relationship you have with yourself. So, treat yourself to anything from a petite three-stone stud earrings to a gorgeous three-stone drop earring from our exclusive collection. Our three-stone earring designs are handcrafted to make your heart skip a beat.

Three is a Timeless Representation of All Things Grand

When you buy three-stone earring designs, you show your respect to the symbolism of this powerful number in the universe. It is the number that, above all, represents good fortune and was the first to be considered a true number. It represents the past, present, and future; the beginning, middle, and end; birth, life, and death; and divinity overall. Other than the fact that it is the first to form a geometrical figure, it also has immense significance in religions around the world. A sacred number in Buddhism, it represents the three jewels: the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. In Christianity, it stands for the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. In Hinduism, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva represent the three most powerful deities. Delving into the relevance of three is a universe in itself.

Find Glittering Elegance at Attractive Prices

Three-stone earrings can be created in a wide variety of designs. From three stones studded in a straight line to stones arranged to form a triangle, the possibilities are countless when it comes to setting the three stones to form different shapes. Browse the collection at BlueStone to buy three-stone earrings online at unrivalled prices. Our competitive three-stone earring prices set us leagues apart in terms of providing high-quality jewels at a pocket-friendly price.

Contemporary and Classic Earrings for the Modern Woman

Three-stone earrings are a representation of the style and elegance that the modern woman loves to flaunt. The earrings can either be classic in their design with stones set in a single, straight line. They can have stones that are of the same size or graduating pieces, from small to big or vice versa. They can also feature a large centre stone and two smaller stones of the same size on either side of the larger one. The more modern and contemporary three-stone earrings tingle the senses of those with a quirky personality. They seduce you with their elegant curved design studded with shimmering stones — imagine the stones riding the waves of glamour.

Witness Sheer Magnificence with BlueStone’s Three-Stone Earrings

Add a special touch to your look with stunning pieces of jewellery in our collection of three-stone earrings. Each one of the pieces is more beautiful than the other in terms of the sheen of the gold that forms the base and the glitter of the stones studded on it. The Angelic Bonding Earrings have a cascading design with three 18kt gold rings flowing down like a waterfall, each studded with a bright diamond of increasing size as you go down. Radiant stones of decreasing sizes adorn the crisscrossing 18kt white gold silhouette of the Candid Journey earrings. The Triani Earrings are lust-worthy studs with three diamonds forming a triangle inside a glossy 18kt gold circle.

The Zula Earrings and the Charris Earrings play with colours in their own sweet way. You can’t go wrong with the classic combination of white and blue, the theme of the Zula Earrings. They are crafted in 18kt white gold and feature a dark blue sapphire sitting pretty in between two glittering diamonds. The Charris Earrings combine the beauty of 18kt gold and bright blue topaz.

Kids will love the three-stone earrings we have especially designed for them. The playful Bear World Earrings are just one of them. This pair is made of 18kt gold in the shape of a smiling bear’s face with two protruding ears and diamonds for its eyes and nose. For stylish little girls, we have the Else Heart Earrings, crafted in 18kt white gold and studded with blue topaz and diamonds inside hanging hearts.

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