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Pear Necklaces

Pear Necklaces: Sweetness Personified in Enchanting Jewellery

The pear shape is one of the most sought-after designs in the world of jewellery. It is a versatile cut that lends a feminine charm to the wearer, irrespective of whether it is set in yellow, white, or rose gold. Gemstones that are cut in a pear shape are perfect for women who want a unique yet elegant cut of stone. Stunning is an understatement for the pear necklaces you will find at BlueStone. The mesmerising designs created by our craftsmen are perfect pieces of jewellery designed to complement both your neckline and your attire. Pair them with dresses or lehengas, our pear necklaces are all you need to complete your look. Buy pear necklaces online from our collection to make your investment last a lifetime.

Tracing the Origins of Pear Necklace Designs

The pear has an interesting shape with a pointed, narrow top and a rounded bottom. The gemstones cut in this shape combine the glamour of two other cuts of diamonds, the Marquise cut, and the round brilliant cut. The origins of this design can be traced back to 1458. It was Flemish diamond polisher Lodewyk van Berquem who conceptualised the placement of facets and the concept of symmetry that you see on beautiful diamond cuts and also in all types of gemstones. His techniques of cutting gemstones in a certain way enhance the sparkle and sheen that radiates from precious stones. Don’t forget to pay tribute to the master polisher when you buy pear necklace designs.

Symbolism of Pear-shaped Gemstones

The different shapes of precious and semi-precious stones have a symbolic meaning that also reveals about your personality. The pear shape is a popular design in jewellery and there are many takers for it. The elongated shape of a pear represents a woman as a fiercely independent individual who still has a softer side to her for conventional romance. The love for this unusual shape might make her a trendsetter in the things she chooses to do, but she has a side that is not afraid to shed tears of joy or sorrow. Women who choose the pear shape tend to set really high standards for not only themselves but also for those around her. Do you see yourself as the one being spoken about here? Then you’re at the right place.

Dainty Collection of Pear Necklaces at BlueStone

The exquisite designs in our collection and our competitive pear necklace prices will have you swooning in no time! You can’t keep your eyes off of pieces such as the Shilpkaar necklace. It exudes immense grace with its intricately carved 18kt gold design studded with diamonds and pear-shaped emeralds shining ever so brilliantly. Whatever occasion you choose to wear it to, you can be sure that all eyes will be on you.

The Nayantara Necklace defies the boundaries of elegance with its diamond-studded, petite 18kt white gold silhouette. It features five pear-shaped rubies that have all it takes to elevate your overall look. Similarly, the Ferran Necklace embodies royal charm in its 18kt gold design decorated with diamonds, pear-shaped emerald, and pretty beaded tassel details hanging down a central pendant. The Sundar Sakhi Necklace features a pear-shaped ruby on a diamond-studded 18kt gold base carved out in an elegant pattern. Go ahead and take your pick. Let these beautiful necklaces represent the confident and graceful woman in you.

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