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Hurray! It’s a party, and a party calls for friends, family, music and everything loud. Like they say -two’s a party. Just like it takes more than one person to party, it takes more than one piece of jewellery to complete a party set. Team up your pretty earrings or neck-piece with a part ring. A fashionable ring has the ability to transform any plain outfit or drab evening into a bright and sparkling one. It can define the ensemble you plan to flaunt or hover up the monochromatic theme that you want to follow. Be it a fancy inaugural event, a birthday celebration or your friend’s cocktail party, you must choose a ring that defines your party style. Glam it up with the rings that accentuate your style and bring in the party fervour with one or more pieces from the exquisite range of party ring designs.

The Fancy Fare: Buy Party Rings Online

A special party invite requires you to be prepared head to toe, starting from your hair and make-up to your outfit and jewellery. Get the ring game right by choosing the party ring designs from various categories.

A cocktail is a party that calls for nothing less than a glittery or flashy ring. Comprising of the perfect elements of party wear, these shimmery pieces speak for themselves. To add to the jazz, are the cocktail names of the rings – so true to the occasion. Choose from the bold leafy studs of the Bijou Ring, the exuberance of the Angostura Ring, the stamen-like setting of the Mojito Ring or the elliptical pattern of the Sangria Ring. 

Floral rings are the trend of the season and are as evergreen as they seem to be. If you love watching roses and tulips in full bloom, then choose from the Exquisite Tulip Ring, the Enchanted Tulip Ring, and the Winter Rose Ring. These rings are made of stunning rose gold. Talking of immense detailing, nothing can beat the rings carved out with their stigma and petals alike, ranging from the Marlane Ring and the Heavenly Sunflower Ring to the Florian Rose Ring. We have to hand it over to the unique ring like the Valeriana Ring that depicts a bird in gold setting its beak on the cluster of diamonds at the core. Scan the whole range and buy party ring designs from the site.

Fashion jewellery: Buy party ring designs

Fashion jewellery is the most sought after these days. Take a look at the beautifully designed pieces at BlueStone and buy party rings online.

Open rings are favourite with party fanatics. A ring that doesn’t complete a full circle, but instead branches out to pretty patterns can safely be put under this category. The Kshitija Ring, the Teysi Ring, the Dreama Ring, the Kallton Ring and the Skylyn Ring are brilliant pieces from the collection.

The two finger rings are second to none when it comes stealing the show. Whether it is a constellation of the moon and stars on the Bailee Two Finger Ring, the serpentine twirl of the Taina Two Finger Ring or the amoeboid pattern of the Mascarhinas Two Finger Ring, you are sure to be swept off your feet with these whimsical patterns. Besides these, there is the Tabby Two Ring and the Suzzie Two Finger Ring.

Party Rings Designs: As Pretty As a Pearl

No matter how confused you are to choose a ring for yourself, somehow a pearl always seems to do the trick. All you need is a pretty pearl on a ring and you have a piece to flaunt for a special occasion. Since pearls add just the right amount of grace you are looking for, why not check out the range at BlueStone. A quick glance at the Lorelei Ring and the Alka Ring will explain how the worth of a ring shoots up with a pearl placed on it. Inclining towards the floral design are these three rings set with pearls - the Allison Ring, the Nayah Ring and the Kathryn Ring.

Irrespective of the kind of ring you buy, make sure you check our party rings prices and make a wise, redeemable choice. We run offers on selected pieces from time to time. Keep an eye out for the deals too when you make the purchase.

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