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Oval Bangle Jewellery Designs: An Escape from the Ordinary

What’s in a name? A bangle by any other name would look as charming and pretty. Whether you call them chudis, kadas or churas, every Indian woman loves her bangles. Traditionally, a bangle is round in shape but there’s nothing that says it has to be only round. Bangles can be oval, square, rectangular or even triangular. Oval bangle jewellery designs are increasingly gaining popularity as a bridge between traditional and modern forms of jewellery. If you are looking for an unconventionally designed bangle, check out BlueStone’s collection of oval bangles. The pieces in this collection are made of yellow or white gold and studded with diamonds and precious stones.

Why Buy Oval Bangle Jewellery Designs?

You may buy oval bangles for many reasons. To begin with, these bangles are the perfect way to escape the ordinary without compromising on the classic charm. So if you want to look unique and extraordinary even on the most mundane of days, go for an oval bangle like the Izar Bangle. Secondly, compared to their round counterparts, oval bangles are easier to get over the hand. If your hands are larger compared to your wrists, a round bangle might look extremely large once you put it on. Bangles with the oval shape, such as the Grazia Bangle in our collection, solve this problem effortlessly. Not only are they easy to fit through your large hands, but they also don’t look excessively large on your wrists when you put them on. Similarly, if your bangle size falls between two sizes offered by a jeweller, an oval bangle instead of a round one can be a better option.

What to Look for When You Buy Oval Bangle Jewellery Designs?

Choosing the perfect oval bangle design can be tricky. You must keep in mind the design style sensibilities and personality of the woman it is intended for. Women who appreciate traditional forms of jewellery will like designs such as the Marcia Bangle or the diamond-studded Anaadih Bangle while a woman with a more modern sense of style would prefer the Monille Bangle or the Avizeh Bangle. Floral designs such as the Lyaif Bangle and the Gwyneth Bangle suit nature lovers while geometric designs like the Storyteller Saga Bangle and the Careen Axis Bangle complement young women with an adventurous bent of mind.

Occasion Matters: Oval Bangle Designs for Every Occasion

The occasion you wear an oval bangle on is as important as your personal style. For instance, bangles like the Azfer Bangle can be worn on a daily basis but special occasions need something a little more ornate. When stepping out for a cocktail party, slip on the Channing Bangle to make a style statement as unique as you. On the other hand, designs like the Karynytte Bangle or the Iyelet Bangle are just right for a family wedding. The Widyat Bangle made of white gold and studded with diamonds is a fitting addition to your office jewellery collection while Aaralyn Bangle made of gold and featuring two charming hearts is the perfect pick you can make for a romantic date. 

Oval Bangle Jewellery Designs: More than Just a Few Diamonds

Diamonds like the ones on the Cora Flexible Bangle or the Akira Bracelet are every woman’s favourite but when they are paired with other precious stones an oval bangle design becomes even more beautiful. If you like the deep red colour of rubies and garnets, take a look at the Flora Allure Bangle and the Shellina Bangle or the Fire and Ice Bangle. Alternatively, you could pick an emerald-studded oval bangle design like the Paragon Bangle or the Fashion Aura Bangle with amethysts and pearls. The number, size, and type of precious stones determine the oval bangle jewellery price to a large extent. For this reason, while the Alhyna Bangle has three large diamonds, it is only marginally cheaper than the Obele Bangle with 13 small diamonds.

How to Buy Oval Bangle Jewellery Online?

Like everything else in your life, jewellery too can be bought online. This saves you the trouble of walking in and out of stores and makes shopping a comfortable experience. At BlueStone, we have a wide range of designs for you, from the sleek Palakshi Flexible Bangle to the ornate Anaadih Bangle. Part of the beauty of our range of oval bangle jewellery designs is that they feature a clasp fitting or have open ends that enable a woman to put them on and take them off easily. However, you still need to pay attention to your bangle size to ensure that it does not slip off your hand or is too tight so as to make you uncomfortable.

Sometimes, when you’re faced with so many beautiful designs, making your mind up simply by looking at a photograph can be difficult. We understand this and hence offer you the opportunity to try on a few designs before buying the one you love. For example, if you couldn’t make up your mind between the Katayun Oval Bangle and the Arzo Bangle, we’ll send them to your house where you can try them on before deciding which one looks better on your wrist. Jewellery shopping has never been this delightful, has it?ship at htmlg.com

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