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Mother's Day Jewellery

Bring in the Big Day with Mother's Day Jewellery Designs

What does a Mother’s Day celebration mean to you? Is it a day that is annually marked with a gift? Have you thought of doing something different for the woman in your life this year? For women across the world, whether you are a parent or not yet, you are most definitely a beloved daughter or son. In India, the day to honour your mum for being your closest confidante, your guiding light, or your biggest fan, falls on the second Sunday of May. As the years roll by, celebrating their existence has come to be a day that is marked with gifts and some pampering. Since all women love jewellery, why not surprise her this year with BlueStone’s creative new line of Mother’s Day jewellery designs? These beauties are sure to leave a lasting impression.

The BlueStone Mother’s Day range offers customers a wide variety of options to choose from. Be it bracelets, earrings or pendants, the collection has it all. If jewellery is the way to go this Mother’s Day, then check out BlueStone most definitely! Surprise her with an eclectic collection of designs. Buy mother's day jewellery online from us by visiting the e-store and picking just what she would want from our dedicated line of jewellery.

Buy Mother's Day Jewellery Designs from Our Magical Mother’s Day Range

The Manohara Manhar Earrings belong in the ears of your mother. The piece is set with diamond dots in in 18kt gold and shaped like a twisted pear. The design is fresh, elegant and tasteful. Pick this up if you are looking for subtle yet beautiful designs.

The Naavaal Bracelet is a killer gift idea. The idea of a gold bracelet or gold bangle sits well with Indian mothers who are always seen sporting one. So why not purchase for her, a new one on Mother’s Day? Two thin 18kt gold bangles come together in the perfect union to create a centrepiece in the shape of a flower that is studded with diamonds. Take a look and be mesmerised. It belongs on your mother’s hands.

If your mum is a lady who likes it light, check out the Mariane Earrings. They are tiny but oh so pretty too! Here is a pair of earrings that will adorn your mother’s ears and sparkle till the end of time. It has more than nine small diamond stones set in the place of the stud to form a flower along with the prettiest dangle below it. Within the circle of the dangle, sits a tiny dot of a diamond, making it the most feminine BlueStone design in the collection. This is also the kind of gift that can be shared between a mother and daughter!

Mother’s Day Jewellery Designs: Pendants and Rings

Are you thinking a bit different this year? Then how about pendants? The classic Angela Pendant is a sure winner with mums. Take a look at it. Its beauty lies in the simplicity of its design. Two simple circles of matted gold, one within another, and two square cut diamonds placed on top of each other. The idea is to symbolise the union of mother and daughter, who will always be an integral part of each other, and never be complete without the other one. She can wear it every day and carry the beautiful memory of this special day with her at all times.

You could also mark the day with a ring. For the audacious and daring mom, check out the Ema Ring. Blow her mind with this stunning piece of heavy duty BlueStone jewellery design crafted especially for her and no one else as it says, “Mom” all around the ring. She gets to wear it on her ring finger, and be at the receiving end of squeals of jealousy and envy of all other mothers. And which mother does not like to wear the love of a daughter or son with pride? The calligraphy for mom is set in diamond stones for tons of bling!

Our Mother's Day jewellery prices are affordable. We also run deals on selected pieces. Buy a piece of classy jewellery for your mum this Mother’s Day and double her happiness.

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