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Love Pendants

Keep Your Loved Ones Close to Your Heart with Love Pendants

Celebrations of love are all about leaving everlasting impressions and creating undying memories. The same goes true for Valentine’s Day too. The gift you choose for your partner on this special day should also reflect these qualities. A bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or a bottle of perfume cannot create an everlasting impression.

So, what’s your best option?

If you want to leave an impression, gift your partner a piece of jewellery. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. No other gift can convey emotions and show someone that you value them the way jewellery does. There are many different types of jewellery you can choose for your partner. Would the love of your life like a pair of earrings or a delicate bracelet? An elegant nose pin or a necklace? Or maybe she would like a beautiful pendant?

When it comes to Valentine gift online shopping, pendants are the most searched for type of jewellery. That’s why we, at BlueStone, bring to you a mesmerising range of love pendants to add zing to your Valentine’s Day.

What Makes Pendants So Special?

There are many reasons why people choose to gift their partners a gold pendant. One of the reasons is that a pendant suits all types of outfits. From casual jeans and tops to formal dresses, a pendant is never out of place.

Secondly, when you buy pendants, you do not have to worry about the size. In fact, size is one of the daunting concerns of many people when they look for jewellery as a gift. Buying your lover a platinum ring or a diamond bangle only to realise that it doesn’t fit her/him is the last thing you want on a Valentine’s Day, right? With pendants, you can steer clear of all such worries. They are one-size-fits-all jewellery, so you only need to find a pendant that fits your budget.

Moreover, pendants also have a symbolic value. When worn on a chain, a pendant will fall just below the collarbone or above the bust. Thus, when you gift your lover a pendant, you are giving them a gift that they can literally keep close to their heart. Aren’t these reasons enough to pick pendants as a Valentine’s Day gift?

Gold, Diamonds, and Gemstone Love Pendants

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. For this reason, many of our gift items online are studded with sparkling diamonds. From the Heart Yonder Pendant with a single diamond to the Adalin Pendant with a string of diamonds, there are plenty of designs to choose from. Nobody buys diamonds on an impulse. Hence, when you gift your special someone a diamond pendant, it is a demonstration of how much time and effort you put into finding the perfect gift.

You must take into consideration the preferences of your lover when you choose love pendants for them. Take, for instance, the Guarded Love Pendant. Made of 22kt gold, this simple design is ideal for women who love classic yet minimalist designs. The Amado Pendant with 8 sparkling diamonds is best suited for women who love their jewellery with a little bling.

Yellow gold is an eternal classic. Diamonds are forever too. Add pearls to this mix, you get a truly stunning piece like the Traci Pendant. The best thing about choosing pearls is that they are hard to go wrong with. So, if you want to choose something unique yet don’t fully know your lover’s preferences, stick to pearls. A gemstone pendant like the Grreshma Heart Pendant with diamonds and rose quartz is also a safe bet. Rose quartz, after all, is called the stone of love!

Heart Pendants for the Hearts in Love

Love and Valentine’s Day are almost synonymous with the heart motif. The use of this shape as a symbol of love dates back to the thirteenth century and it has been popular with lovers ever since. Today, when you look for a piece of jewellery that best symbolises your relationship, there could be nothing better than a finely crafted heart pendant. The Deliah Pendant and the French Heart Pendant are classic examples of heart shaped pendants. Trust us. There is nothing more romantic than giving your heart to your girlfriend in the form of such a pendant.

There are many other types of heart motifs. A heart with its bottom curved to one side is known as a witch’s heart. This motif became popular in the eighteenth century and symbolised that the girl had been ‘bewitched’ to fall in love with her partner. It was also considered a protective amulet. If you feel like you are under your girlfriend’s spell, go for the Heart in Heart Pendant.

Another common heart motif used in jewellery and other accessories is the entwined heart. It symbolises togetherness and eternal love. If you are looking for online Valentine gifts that symbolise eternal love, consider pendants with entwined hearts. Some of our designs like the Hearts Together Pendant or the Affairs of Heart Pendant speak of fidelity and love that lasts forever.

Butterfly Pendants: When Love Has Wings

The best kind of love is the one that sets you free and allows you to be yourself. Nothing symbolises freedom more than a butterfly. Thus, this is a popular motif with Valentine’s Day jewellery. Also, who doesn’t like butterflies? If you are doing online gift shopping for a unique and stunning piece of jewellery, take a look at our collection of butterfly pendants!

Take, for instance, the Anna Butterfly Pendant. Made of 18kt rose gold, this pendant features a beautiful butterfly. Diamonds, rubies, and a stunning round pearl add to the beauty of this piece. The Cyntia Butterfly Pendant, made of rose gold and studded with 36 sparkling diamonds, is another bestseller in this collection. You could also look at the Vivian Butterfly Pendant which showcases a pair of butterflies. Two butterflies together are also considered a symbol of love. Now you know why many couples choose to release butterflies during their wedding.

Proclamation Pendants

When you are sending Valentine gifts online to someone, it means that you care about them and love them. However, sometimes it’s nice to say the words’ I love you’ as well. For long distance couples, a pendant that says these three important words could be the best Valentine gift.

For example, you could look at the Loving Proclaim Pendant or the Love Recital Pendant. Made of yellow gold and studded with diamonds, both these pendants feature the words ‘I Love You’. Are you planning to speak your heart to your lover this Valentine’s Day? When have these pieces to plead your case, you wouldn’t need words to express your love at all!

The Carved in Love Pendant is another one of our bestsellers. If you are looking for something a little discreet, take a look at the Hearty Love Pendant and the Love for You Pendant. The Loving Heart Pendant is also very popular.

Pendants for Him

It is a misconception that jewellery can only be gifted to women. Ladies, if you want to buy a Valentine gift for your boyfriend or husband, there is nothing stopping you from considering jewellery. Unlike earrings or kadas, pendants have a universal appeal and your man can wear it with his casual and formal outfits. This makes them the most popular gift items for men.

The Lahana Love Pendant and the Yara Always Together Pendant are two of our most popular designs. You could also look at the Gina Forever Yours Pendant. It is not essential for jewellery to feature diamonds to be beautiful. The Sound of Love Pendant is the ideal example of how plain, gold pendants can look chic and elegant.

Spring a Surprise This Valentine’s Day

That’s not all. There is more for you choose from. From plain gold pendants to ones studded with diamonds and colourful gemstones, from gold pieces to rose gold stunners, we have them all in this collection. And the best part? With BlueStone, you can choose Valentine gifts for online delivery. You just need to pick a pendant and make customisations, if required, and we will deliver it to your loved ones – at their doorstep! This Valentine’s Day, spring a surprise to your loved ones. And we are here to deliver that surprise!

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