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    Lakshmi Pendants

    Jewellery means a lot to Indian women! The metal of the jewellery doesn’t really matter a lot but the actual feeling of owning the piece really does matter a lot. Now, imagine what will happen when religion meets jewellery? The sheer divinity that these jewellery pieces depict is unmatchable.

    Religious Jewellery Beliefs

    It is usually believed that wearing religious jewellery like pendants, rings, or bracelets around your neck, waist, arm, wrist, or hands, is auspicious. It is believed that religious jewellery helps in protecting the wearer by any evil energy and keeps problems and sufferings at a distance.

    Goddess Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity. In Hindu culture, it is considered auspicious to pray to Goddess Lakshmi for maintaining one’s prosperity. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi pendants will help the wearer to overcome all the hurdles in one’s financial situations, and bring honour, fame, and prosperity.

    Temple jewellery is expected to have originated in the 9th century, during the Chola dynasty. Back then, this kind of jewellery was used to decorate temples and that’s the reason, these jewellery pieces usually have religious symbols or God/Goddess images engraved on them.

    Cultural Evidences

    Lakshmi pendant designs, across the country, are quite varied. In the southern part of the country, temple jewellery holds the utmost importance when it comes to weddings. The mangalsutra, which is worn by married women, has a gold pendant. At most occasions, this gold pendant has religious symbols or designs of Goddesses.

    In Konkani tradition, women wear a gold chain that has coral beads and a gold Lakshmi pendant. This Lakshmi pendant is known as Kasithaali, and it signifies home bringing of the Goddess.

    Lakshmi Pendant at BlueStone

    The online jewellery store, BlueStone, is your one-stop jewellery shopping destination. At BlueStone, we believe in the magic of craftsmanship. It is our craftsmen, who make sure all the jewellery pieces meet divinity! When it comes to religious pendants, the collection at BlueStone is unique. And of course, not to mention, Lakshmi pendants prices to be reasonable. So, if you wish to buy Lakshmi pendants online, it’s the right time to check out the collection.

    One exclusive creation at the online store is the Padmalakshmi pendant. The gold, 22 kt, floral pendant catches the eye instantly! The lotus flower, in Hindu culture, symbolises Goddess Lakshmi. The entire lotus flower has been crafted in gold. With its horizontal design, the pendant can go well with any traditional outfit with a round or square neck.

    The other pendant that surely makes one fall in love with it is the Adi-Lakshmi pendant. The gold, 18 kt, pendant, has the perfect combination of diamonds and gold. The Padma, or the lotus flower, is beautifully crafted in gold. However, the central part of the flower is studded with diamonds. Also, the lotus is placed inside a circle that is studded with diamonds on the upper part, making sure your pendant will never go unnoticed. Also, don’t forget to club this pendant with your Little Black Dress. You are going to rock the party!

    At BlueStone, we understand the inhibitions that come with online jewellery shopping. That’s why we have introduced the try at home feature. You can pick any product from the online store and choose a specific time. You can first try the product that you have picked and only when you are satisfied, you can own it.

    So, what are you waiting for? Your Goddess Lakshmi pendant is just a click away.

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