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Krishna Flute Pendants

Krishna Flute Pendant Designs: As Alluring as the Divine Melody

During his stay in Vrindavan, Lord Krishna would always be surrounded by the gopikas. His favourite gopika, Radha, was unperturbed by the fact that he was the object of adulation of so many women. But there was one thing about which Radha was extremely jealous, and that was Krishna’s flute. Such was the appeal of Krishna’s flute that Radha longed to become his flute and remain as his constant companion. Till this day, Krishna’s devotees are enamoured with his flute. If your heart too yearns for his flute, you don’t have to remain crestfallen any longer. BlueStone’s Krishna flute pendant designs enable you to possess and wear his flute symbolically.

BlueStone’s Krishna Flute Pendant Designs: Symbolic of Faith and Fashion

Pendants are a great way to express one’s spiritual belief publically. The fact that this trinket enables one to wear one’s religious faith close to the heart also endears it to many devotees. It is one versatile piece of jewellery that acts as a bridge between tradition and fashion. BlueStone’s collection of Krishna flute pendants reflects this trend in all its vivacity. Crafted in 18kt gold, the sparkling pendants of this collection stand out as a class of their own.

As the collection’s name indicates, each pendant showcases an exquisite flute designed with immaculate precision. The impeccable craftsmanship notwithstanding, our Krishna flute pendants exemplify creativity and splendour. Shining with the glow of diamonds and gemstones, every pendant from this collection represents artistic beauty. Our Krishna flute pendant designs are created for the use of both men and women. Whether you want to buy Krishna flute pendants online for yourself or as a gift, we bring to you the very best. Every pendant from this range will add to your glamourous look.

Krishna Flute Pendant Designs for Women

This collection has some of the most exceptional Krishna flute pendant designs for women. From gorgeous designs to elegant pieces, we have everything on offer for you. Take, for instance, our Murli Manohar Pendant. It is a stunning pendant from our Navaratna Collection that features two beautiful symbols often associated with Lord Krishna – his peacock feather and flute. Crafted with five diamonds and eight gemstones in 18kt gold, this is one pendant that you can flaunt at any special occasion or party. It will also be a striking addition to your workwear jewellery collection.

If you are looking for something classy and elegant, may we suggest that you take a look at the Nandgopala Pendant? This emerald-studded pendant from our Mayura Collection embodies a fusion design where the flute rests on Krishna’s peacock feather. The glitter of gold and the lush green charm of emeralds make this piece a great choice as a festive pendant or a special occasion trinket. 

Krishna Flute Pendant Designs for Unisex Use

Fancy wearing something that doesn’t have any gender tags? Go for a unisex pendant design from your collection. The upside of unisex pendants is that you can share them with your partner or sibling without worrying about the overly masculine or feminine appeal of the design. Consider our Gopalpriya Pendant as an example. A tastefully crafted ruby and diamond pendant, it has a white coloured flute sitting against a bright yellow base. This soulful pendant from our Mayura Collection is worthy to adorn your neck at any festive occasion. You can also flaunt it at any religious gathering or special occasion.

When you buy Krishna flute pendant designs from BlueStone, you are assured of not just exceptional designs but high quality as well. Our highly competitive Krishna flute pendant price is another reason for you to explore this beautiful collection. Explore our online store today to make your choice and buy your Krishna flute pendant in a convenient manner.

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