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Kingdom Of Links Officewear Collection Jewellery

Rock the Boardrooms with Kingdom of Links Officewear Collection

Do you wear the same outfit to work and to a party? No! You have different clothes for officewear and casual wear. So, why should you wear the same pieces of jewellery to your office and parties? The answer to this question is a big fat no!

When it comes to getting ready for a day at the office, a woman should look smart and professional. For this, your outfit needs to be accompanied by the right kind of jewellery. A pair of stunning earrings, a delicate pendant, and a finely crafted ring could be all you need. The difficult part is to find those right ornaments.

Worry not!

At BlueStone, we have a wide range of designs crafted especially for the office. Keeping the tastes and preferences of professional women in mind, our designers have come up with a brand new collection. It’s called the Kingdom of Links Officewear Collection! The pieces in this collection are elegant, smart, trendy, and above all, office-appropriate. This collection is just what you need to rock the boardrooms.

What Makes This Collection Special?

To begin with, this collection is for modern, office going women who want to glam up their professional look. The pieces in this collection are made of gold, white gold, and rose gold. There are even pieces where all three colours come together to make a stunning appeal. One of the unique features of this collection is that it makes use of the link design. Links in oval, circular, and square shapes form beautiful jewellery that is several notches above the ordinary. This collection has plain gold pieces without any stones. It also has pieces studded with sparkling diamonds. If you are looking for sophistication in its finest form, never give this collection a miss!

How to Choose Jewellery for the Office?

When it comes to selecting earrings or necklaces for the office, one must balance elegance with style. Our Kingdom of Links officewear collection designs have both in the right proportions.  They should make a unique style statement without going over the top. Like your clothes, your jewellery should reflect your nature. The type of jewellery you flaunt also depends on your office environment. For formal offices, a minimal look is ideal. A pair of gold stud earrings and the Mavis Chic Pendant would be just right. Made of 18kt gold, this pendant features 12 sparkling diamonds to add to the bling.

Some offices have a slightly more casual approach to their dress code. A pair of delicate drops gives you a casual yet stylish look.  Take, for instance, Abhikya Drop Earrings. These gold earrings feature a beautiful link design with the right amounts of sparkle and glitter. Fancy something more whimsical? Go for a pair of rose gold earrings like the Eleonora Drop Earrings. They will not only up your style quotient but also make you look truly unique. What more could you ask for?

How to Choose Motifs for Officewear Jewellery?

You may be very fond of animals but your office is no place for cute jewellery with animal motifs. If you want to be taken seriously, your attire should reflect that seriousness. Geometric themes are ideal for officewear jewellery. This is a theme that runs through the best Kingdom of Links officewear collection pieces. By linking different shapes together, our designers have created pieces that look mature yet energetic. The Renzo Orbit Drop Earrings and the Cesare Orbit Drop Earrings feature interlocking shapes. This gives the earrings a vivacious appeal. On the other hand, the Giovana Drop Earrings feature concentric shapes that add dynamism to your professional look.

How to Find the Perfect Pair of Earrings for Office?

Bangles, bracelets and necklaces may be optional but to complete your look, a pair of earrings is a must. Look for earrings that complement the shape of your face. Long, thin earrings like the Maura Drop Earrings are perfect for women with round faces. Long, broad earrings suit women with a heart shaped face. You could buy Kingdom of Links officewear collection designs like the Ervaa Drop Earrings if you have a heart face. Similarly, if you have a triangular face, circular designs will soften the angles of your face. The Elna Drop Earrings are one such design. An oval face is the most versatile and can be set off by any type of earring.

Wear Matching Jewellery to Your Office

Some designs of our trendy Kingdom of Kinks officewear collection online are designed in sets. For example, the Ternary Drop Earrings can be paired with the matching Ternary Pendant. Similarly, the Ellessa Drop Earrings can be worn with the Ellessa Stackable Ring. Wearing coordinated jewellery gives your attire a comprehensive look. If you can’t find a matching pendant and earring set, look for pieces that speak the same design language. For instance, both the Nicci Drop Earrings and the Ovale Pendant have circular elements. Thus, these pieces in gold can be paired together.

How to Buy Kingdom Of Links Officewear Collection?

The Kingdom of Links Officewear collection is available only with BlueStone. This collection has been designed for women who are efficient and stylish at the same time. Pieces that are studded with diamonds are made of 18kt gold. Those without any precious stones are made of 22kt gold. When you buy Kingdom of Links officewear collection online, you can customize the gold purity. For instance, even if a piece is made of 22kt gold, you could choose to get it made in 18kt or 14kt. This will not affect the design in any way but will help bring the Kingdom of Links officewear collection price down.

For some designs, you can also choose between white gold and gold. This helps ensure that the designs suit the wearer’s character and personal style. Do you prefer the classic beauty of gold? We have a range of designs to choose from. Do you fancy the contemporary look of white gold or the warm hues of rose gold? We have such pieces too. The new designs in Kingdom of Links officewear collection are ideal as gifts for yourself or for someone else.

Getting ready for office is no more a boring thing when you have this collection to choose from. We, at BlueStone, believe that you deserve everything best. We have turned that belief into fine pieces of jewellery with our Kingdom of Links collection.

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