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Hanuman Jewellery Designs: A Delight for the Devotees

India is a land of many gods and goddesses and each deity is revered for his or her own special powers. Hanuman is a popular Hindu deity who is known for his loyalty to Lord Rama, his intelligence, and extraordinary strength, amongst other things. It isn’t surprising then that a Hanuman talisman is carried by many Indian men and women to give them strength in hard times and keep them motivated. Even the former President of USA Barack Obama is rumoured to have kept a small talisman of Hanuman in his pocket.

At BlueStone, we always strive to come up with a fabulous array of religious jewellery for our customers to display their faith in impeccable style. From cross pendants and Khalsa jewellery to Shiva jewellery and Allah pendants, our religious jewellery collection has a little something for everyone. For the devotees of Hanuman, we offer a delightful range of finely handcrafted hanuman jewellery designs in gold.

Hanuman Jewellery Designs: The Gada Motif

Hanuman is said to have carried a gada or mace in his right hand at all times. Though he often used it as a weapon against his enemies, it is also rich in symbolism. Considered as an embodiment of moral and spiritual values of the holder, the gada stands for the authority of governance and self-sovereignty. If you are looking to buy Hanuman jewellery designs, you can consider something designed in this most popular symbol associated with Hanuman. In our collection, we have the Hanuman Mace Pendant which is an elegant representation of the gada symbol. Made of 18kt gold, this men’s pendant comes studded with 19 sparkling diamonds. The timeless glitter of gold and the radiant twinkle of diamonds make this piece a must-have in every Hanuman devotee’s collection.

Hanuman’s Tail: The Destroyer of Pride

Another popular motif associated with Hanuman is – yes, you guessed it right – his tail! There are two instances in Hindu mythology when Hanuman used his tail to destroy the ego of those who had an encounter with him. The first instance was when Ravana’s demons tried to set his tail on fire; he first expanded his body so as to make it impossible for them to light his tail and then he contracted himself and set the place on fire. The second instance was when Hanuman subdued Bhima’s ego by making his tail so heavy that Bhima could not lift it. When you buy hanuman jewellery online from us, you cannot fail to notice how we incorporated this motif in our designs. The Divine Hanuman Pendant in 18kt gold takes inspiration from Hanuman’s tail and incorporates it as part of the Om symbol to remind the wearer to always stay strong yet humble. The pendant also features a diamond-studded gada in the centre. With these two motifs incorporated creatively into the design, this unisex pendant is a true delight for every devotee.

When to Wear a Hanuman Pendant?

People wear religious pendants for many reasons. For some, it is a reminder of their faith while others carry it as a source of strength and protection. There are still others who fancy wearing religious jewellery as a fashionable expression of their religious beliefs. The Hanuman jewellery designs offered by BlueStone such as the Jai Hanuman Pendant and the Anjaneya Pendant bear the calm face of Hanuman, thereby reminding the wearer to stay calm in all situations. These pendants also remind one of the many lessons taught by Hanuman; to be brave and wise in face of adversity, to be polite and respectful, and above all, to be a good friend and mentor. These 18kt gold pendants made in eye-catchy two tone designs and accented with diamonds are ideal for sporting in religious festivals and other special occasions.

Can You Buy Hanuman Jewellery Online?

Of course, you can! At BlueStone, we have an exclusive range of diamond-studded Hanuman pendants. As with any other piece of jewellery, the hanuman jewellery price is also determined by the caratage of gold, number, size and clarity of diamonds, and the design intricacy of the piece you choose. The pieces in our collection are competitively priced and you will get designs that are hard to find in any traditional jewellery collection. However, when it comes to buying religious jewellery, the price is not as important as the sentiment associated with it. Why wait? Explore our collection, buy the pendants you like, and flaunt them with faith and in style.

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