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Green Bangles: Your way to Turn the World Green with Envy

If you think green is just a colour, think again. For green is everywhere and is the second most used colour after blue. Since the beginning of time, humankind has identified green as a colour that stands for hope, prosperity, and luck. Inspired by the symbolism of green, the fashion industry followed suit and presented us with some of the finest jewellery pieces embellished with the most precious green gemstone- emerald. Of all the ornaments created with emerald, gold green bangles hold a special place in a woman’s heart.

Green bangles designs: Of tradition and rebellion

Bangles and Indian women share an inseparable bond since time immemorial. Green bangles have always been a part of Indian culture. During the Valakappu ceremony, Tamil mothers-to-be were gifted with green bangles. Green glass bangles are still an integral part of Marathi weddings and they believe that the bangles will bring prosperity to the life of the newlyweds. Emerald jewellery had its special place in the Mughal Jewellery tradition which has its origin in Persia.

Without a mention of Suffragette (Suffragist) Jewellery, the history of any green jewellery is incomplete. Though Suffragette collection of ornaments is not famous for bangles, the way the women of this movement of late 19th and early 20th centuries used the colour scheme of green, white and violet to embody their cause is worth a mention. In 1908 the Suffragettes used green emerald, along with white and violet-coloured germs to create a brooch which, till today, is rated as the finest jewellery crafted in the genre. While appreciating the finest jewellery made of emerald, as women, let’s take a moment to thank the pioneers of Suffragettes who fought for women’s right to vote.

Let’s leave history behind and focus on green bangle designs that are gaining momentum in today’s fashion world. Typically, green bangles are emerald studded bangles made of gold. But that did not stop fashion experts from adding precious jewels like diamonds or ruby to the bangles to compliment the sheen and elegance of emerald.

Buy green bangles online hassle-free at BlueStone

At BlueStone, we bring to you a fabulous range of green bangle designs. And along with an ever growing collection, we present you with all the benefits of buying green bangles online. When you buy green bangle designs from us, you will be spoilt for choice and amazed at the affordable green bangles price we offer.

Well, when you buy green bangle designs from us, it doesn’t mean that you do not get to touch, feel or try them before you own them. You can opt for our home-try-on facility and be assured that you need not buy everything you try, but only the ones that suit you the best.

BlueStone’s exquisite collection of green bangle designs

BlueStone takes pride in its exclusive collection of green bangle designs made of yellow and white gold and studded with high-quality emerald. A blend of green and red is always of thing of joy to watch. We have a few uniquely designed bangles for the lovers of red and green such as the Urvi Bangle, the Antara Bangle, and the Nima Bangle. These stunning bangles are made of 18kt gold and are studded with emerald and ruby.

The Adrika Bangle, the Mythri Flexible Bangle, and Kanara Bangle are added to our collection in order to cater to the needs of a diamond lover. These 18kt gold bangles are embellished with diamonds and emerald.

For pearl and white gold lovers, we have specially crafted bangles. We are sure the pearl admirer in you will fall in love with this trendy, gold Paragon Bangle studded with pearl, emerald, and diamond. The Kanara Bangle made of white gold and embellished with emerald and diamond is enough to capture the attention of any white gold fan.

Our range doesn’t end here. Feel free to take your time to go through our collections and get ready to get enchanted with the wonders we create in green.

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