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Gold Wedding Pendants

Gold Wedding Pendants: For Brides Who Love Subtle Sophistication

Take the walk down the aisle or the pheras around the holy fire in style with jewellery that radiates your glow and reflects your happiness. You don’t always need loud and chunky necklaces to make a statement at your wedding. Sometimes, all it takes is a classy pendant that does all the talking for you. Combining the pomp and show of big necklaces and the granduer of eleborate pieces are BlueStone’s gold wedding pendant designs. Our pendants also make for unique, timeless gifts for brides-to-be.

It doesn’t matter where you are from, the language you speak, or the traditions you follow, you experience a gamut of emotions as a bride on your big day. We understand your emotions and create fine wedding pendants that don’t discriminate. All that matters to us is to do our best to make you look the most beautiful bride with a million dollar smile. And smile you would when you see our collection and buy gold wedding pendants online at BlueStone.

Pendants for the Bride and All Her Girls!

While it’s true that as a bride your wedding jewellery should be as memorable as your big day, it can be more special when your best friend forever or your sisters wear BlueStone’s wedding pendants along with you. Every time your closest friends or your special cousin wear the wedding pendant they wore on your special day, they will remember and cherish the most important day of your life. We have quite a lot of pieces that your mom, the mother of the gorgeous bride, will love and look radiant in. Our gold wedding pendants make extraordinary pieces of wedding jewellery for the bride and all the girls in her gang.

The Stuff Dreams Are Made of: Gold and Precious Stones

Whether you are a modern bride who chooses to wear less jewellery or a more traditional one wearing many eloquent pieces as per your customs and traditions, our wedding pendants will suit your style. Our selection is incredibly extensive and varied; you can be sure that you will find something you will love now and forever. Our assortment of gold wedding pendants includes classic diamond-studded pendants, exquisite contemporary designs, and elaborate pieces studded with multiple precious stones in a variety of colours. You will make heads turn when you adorn any one of our stunning pieces.

Look Your Best on Your Big Day: Buy Gold Wedding Pendant Designs

If you are all set to exude panache and red-carpet style on your wedding day, take a pick from our gold wedding pendants that we have diligently designed for brides-to-be. The Blenheim Pendant is a colourful statement piece that will make you stand out with its gorgeous stone — the brightest and the best cuts of rubies, diamonds, and a central emerald. It can bring glamour and elegance to the simplest wedding gown. Another elaborate piece in our collection is the Frangelico Pendant. It is designed to give you an angelic glow whether you’re wearing a flowy gown, an extravagant lehenga, or the heaviest Kanchipuram sari. This pendant is made of 18kt gold and has a stunning design studded with multiple diamonds.

If your dress is ornate and want something less elaborate yet sophisticated, then you would love the Evergreen Classic Pendant. It is a simple pendant with a big, bold solitaire studded on 18kt gold. Look closely at its cuts and you will see what symmetry is all about. If you’re wearing traditional wedding attire that includes the classic colours, red and green, the Kalakriti Pendant will go with it effortlessly. It features a bold rectangular emerald and a pear-shaped ruby, both of them surrounded by tiny sparkling diamonds that are as charming and radiant as the main stones. The best part about this pendant is that it is detachable and you can pair it with any chain you want and whenever you want. For more such exquisite pieces at unmatched gold wedding pendant prices, check out our collection.

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