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Single Stone Gold Earring Designs: When Sparkle Meets Glitter

Of all the ornaments in your jewellery box, earrings possess a quality no other trinkets can boast of. They can make or break an impression, and rightly so because it’s your face that anyone would see first. A pair of perfectly crafted earrings can lift up your face instantly, but a wrong choice may do more harm than good.

However, it is hard to go wrong with some earrings. Take, for instance, the case of single stone gold earrings. They carry the sparkle of gemstones and radiate the glitter of the yellow metal in right proportions. If you have a thing for diamonds and precious gemstones and yet like to keep their sparkle to a minimum, single stone gold earring designs are your best bet. That’s why we at BlueStone have come up with an exciting range of earrings made of gold and studded with a single stone. Simple yet elegant, minimalist yet trendy, these designs are crafted to spruce up every occasion you sport them on.

Buy Single Stone Gold Earring Designs to Glam Up Your Professional Life

Choosing a pair of earrings to go with your office outfits is not an easy task. The earrings you choose should be simple, elegant, office-appropriate, and neutral enough to go with different colours. Single stone gold earrings are a great choice in this regard and our designers have come up with an exclusive range for office goers.

When it comes to office collections, two-tone ornaments are trending these days. Take, for instance, our two-tone collection that includes the Delacoure Earrings, the Clair Earrings, and the Eugena Earrings. Made of 18kt gold, they all feature a sparkling diamond set in trendy designs. For those who want their earrings in contemporary or geometric patterns, the Jelya Earrings and the Ayreon Earrings are the best picks.

Plain gold earrings studded with a single gemstone are equally appealing as workwear. Whether your outfit is formal, semi-formal, or ethnic, golden studs are a safe bet. For those who want to sport some elegant stud designs, we have the Anastasia Earrings, the Luna Earrings, and the Ruon Earrings, all of which feature a sparkling diamond set on the 18kt gold body.

For those who think hoops have had their days, here is good news. They are back. Not only are they back, they are also trending hot on runways, corporate offices, fashion magazines, and where not! You can try our Drihas Earrings, Pelagia Earrings, and the Hernan Earrings to match the hot and steaming trend of this season.

Of Flowers and Hearts: Buy Single Stone Gold Earrings Online from BlueStone

All you men out there, take a note. If you are looking for creative ways of expressing your undying love to your woman, we have the right solutions for you. Our single stone gold earring designs in floral and heart themes are just what you want to bring a smile on your lady’s face.

Take a look at our Sydan Earrings and True Love Earrings. When you want to offer a piece of your heart to the love of your life, you cannot go wrong with these heart-shaped earrings. The Deirdre Earrings, yet another hot-selling piece in our collection, are an ideal gifting option for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries.

Why gift your special someone flowers that bloom today and wither tomorrow when you can immortalise the beauty of flowers with our single stone gold floral earrings? The Teasing Flora Earrings and the Florentina Earrings are classy stud designs featuring a twinkling diamond in the centre. For women who have a thing for radiant pearls, we have pearl-studded earrings in drops and studs, such as the Nayah Stud Earrings and the Marina Drop Earrings. These exquisitely designed earrings are sure to plead your case in the most mind-blowing manner.

A Little Sparkle for Your Little Princess

You certainly want to see your little princess glowing with the sparkle of diamonds and gemstones, but make your choice carefully. Your girl needs a pair of earrings that is cute, colourful, and not too heavy on her ears. Take a look at the kids’ earrings in our collection and they have everything to cheer your little one up.

The Adorable Bear Earrings for Kids which feature radiant rubies are among the signature pieces in this collection. Another adorable design in the animal motif is the Friendly Dolphins Earrings for Kids. The Mango Mist Earrings for Kids, the Juicy Pear Earrings for Kids and the Grapes Earrings for Kids are some of the eye-catching pieces designed in the fruit theme. 

If classic studs and hoops are what you want for your little girl, we have the Reggina Earrings for Kids, the Zerin Earrings for Kids, and the Alluring Heart Earrings for Kids. Your kids may outgrow these earrings, but memories they create will take them a long way.

Single Stone Gold Earring Designs for Men

Now men can buy single stone gold earrings to make a bold and unique style statement. We at BlueStone have an exclusive range of studs to add glitz and glam to the menfolk. The Deneb Stud for Him and the Bien Earring for him are simple studs to go with any outfit. If you are looking for an artistic design, the Ramirus Stud is just what you need. Men who love to sport a single hoop can opt for the Etinceler Earring for Him while those who have a penchant for colourful gemstones can opt for the Ayer Stud for Him or the Alicio Stud for Him.

This is only a curtain raiser for our single stone gold earring designs. There is more to explore, from colourful beauties like the Azra Earrings and the Razia Earrings to exclusive chakra designs studded with amethysts, aquamarines, and citrines. What’s more? Our single stone gold earring prices are highly competitive. So get ready for the most delightful online shopping experience.

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