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Gold Om Ganesha Pendants

Gold Om Ganesha Pendants

Sikkhism refers to Om as Ik Onkar or one supreme reality. In Buddhism Om is the first syllable of the sacred mantra – Om mani padme hum. In Hinduism, this sacred syllable is found at the start and end of various mantras and many chapters in Vedas and other holy scriptures. The sacred syllable in its written form is powerful and awe-inspiring. Not just that, the syllable is so versatile that our master craftsmen have crafted yet another series of jewellery inspired the symbol– Om Ganesha Pendants. The lord is worshipped at the beginning of every Hindu ritual. He is revered as the remover of all obstacles in the material and spiritual realm. Check out our Om Ganesha pendants that are designed in gold and studded with precious stones such as diamonds. Bring Lord Ganesha closer to your heart, quite literally, with our glittering pendants.

Buy Gold Om Ganesha Pendant Designs from the Unisex Range

Pendants are style statements that add a unique charm to your persona. Buy stylishly created gold Om Ganesha pendant designs and let your pendants do all the talking. Our unisex range has stylish pieces for the modern men and women. The most sought-after Kapil Pendant captures the Lord’s image in a simple yet graceful way. The holy syllable Om is inscribed inside the elephant head and there is a single diamond that is embellished on the crown. This is a simple and whole-hearted reminder of the larger than life Lord Ganesha.

When you throw in the ruby, there is a rich and radiant charm that is instantly added to any piece of jewellery. Our Gajavakra Pendant is no exception to that. The frontal view of the elephants’ trunk, the Om on the crown with a diamond and ruby adorned in the centre – all of them jubilantly and joyfully encourage you to invite the master to your life. The Om Ganesha Pendant is another stunning ruby studded gold pendant. From one side it looks like the Lord’s face and from the other the sacred syllable Om.

The Prathmeshawara Pendant has the Lord’s face in gold and the row of diamonds completing the face are decked with diamonds and shaped like Om. The contrasting colours are striking to look at. The Eshanputra has a unique design with the holy syllable shaped like the pot-belly of Lord Ganesha. The seated image of the Lord is brought to life in this sensational gold and diamonds Om Ganesha pendant design.

Gold Om Ganesha Pendant Designs for Women

Check out the great range that we have lined up for women with exciting new designs. The Avighna Pendant is set in solid gold with two diamonds. The Sumukha Pendant and the Promoda Pendant are classic designs in white and gold.

The Akhila Pendant has the elephant’s trunk adorned with navaratnas and will suit your Indian workwear well. For special occasions, we have magnificent designs like the Gaurisuta Pendant that is shaped like a medallion with the holy syllables inscribed inside. The circle of diamonds around the pendant completes the festive look.

Expression of your faith has never been this easier and stylish. What’s more – we have kept our gold Om Ganesha pendants’ prices unbelievably low. With discounts on select pieces owning one is easier now. Wait no more, browse through our collection and flaunt your love for Lord Ganesha in style.

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