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Gold Light Weight Jewellery Bangles

Gold Lightweight Jewellery Bangles for the Trendsetters

When it comes to accessorising your wrists, sometimes less is more. Whether you want to make a fashion statement or highlight your look, a stand-alone wrist ornament is the best way to go about it. Save yourself the confusion of picking the ideal wrist ornament and go for a gold lightweight bangle instead. Bangles have always been the mainstay of wrist ornaments. You can flaunt gold bangles for all occasions. When you buy from BlueStone, you can be sure to buy gold lightweight jewellery bangle designs that will add to your style and persona.

Evolution of Bangles through the Ages

Do you know that bangles are among the oldest forms of jewellery? It was some 5000 years back that bangles first made their appearance in the Mohenjo-Daro settlements. Over time, bangles became a part of various cultures and settlements across the world. If you delve into jewellery history, you will find that bangles have been shaped out of various materials like sea shells, horns, bronze, copper, etc. at different points in time.

Then entered gold!

Once gold came into the picture, there was no looking back. From the plain gold bangles of the early days to the stylish bangles of today, gold has redefined the beauty of this ornament like nothing else. The use of diamonds and gemstones further added to its appeal. This is one trinket that has found favour with both men and women since the ancient times. So, it’s not a surprise that the modern man loves to sport trendy bangles as much as the fashion-conscious woman. 

Celebrate the Glitter of Gold Gold Lightweight Jewellery Bangles Designs

Gone are the days when one would buy heavy gold jewellery only to flaunt them occasionally. The modern wearer is keen to buy gold ornaments that complement their everyday lifestyle. In keeping with this demand, BlueStone has come up with its gold lightweight jewellery bangles collection. Our collection features lightweight bangle designs meant for men, women, and kids as well. Whether you love the shine of pure gold or the sparkle of gemstones, we have everything for you.

Do you prefer the classic look of plain gold? We have items like the Arjun Kada for Him or the Breathtaking Designed Bangle for her. Both are crafted from 22k gold but each has a unique design. The upside of plain gold bangles is that they go with almost any attire.

You can’t go wrong with our diamond-studded pieces either. Take a look at our Manorama Flexible Bangle or the Maina Flexible Bangle and you will know why we say so. Our new designs in gold lightweight jewellery bangles include items like the Unnati Flexible Bangle and the Vamika Flexible Bangle. The former is fashioned with red rubies while the latter has a large garnet. Our unconventional designs and expert craftsmanship are sure to leave you spellbound.

Discover the Best Gold Lightweight Jewellery Bangles for All Occasions

When you want to look your best on a special occasion, bangles are your go-to ornament. We have lightweight bangles designed for all occasions. When you want to rock the party look with an ethnic wear, our items like the Keyuri Bangle. Made of 18kt gold, it features a paisley pattern studded 14 diamonds and rubies each. The Shiza Bangle, a plain gold piece with a lattice design is another option when you want to make heads turn.

Your choices don’t end there!

Pieces like the Devrath Kada for Him and the Enriching Pledge Bangle are what you need for everyday wear. Both these are plain gold designs with no diamonds or gemstones. Step out in style with our Pushti Flexible Bangle when you are on a vacation. For a festive look, check out our Adya Bangle or the Amina Bangle. But that’s not all. We have a long list here and each piece is a beauty in itself. Our bangles can also make great gifts.

Pick from Our Gold Lightweight Jewellery Bangles for Men

When you buy gold lightweight jewellery bangles online for men, we have a variety of choices to spruce up your look. Men’s bangles, also known as kadas, are thicker and broader compared to their female counterparts. Simple designs like the Eklavya Kada for Him are the most popular picks for men. That doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your bling quotient. Our collection contains designer items like the Nirvay Kada for Him. In short, we have something for everyone.

For instance, the dual-tone Vashisht Kada for Him will make you stand out in a crowd. The Vans Kada for Him is equally attractive. The Deven Kada for Him is another classy piece. Each of our men’s bangles is crafted from 22k pure gold. So, you are assured of style as well as quality.

Buy Our Gold Lightweight Jewellery Bangles for Kids

Those who think jewellery is for the grown-ups haven’t seen our collection yet. One of the primary concerns parents have when they buy bangles for their kids is the weight. You don’t want anything too heavy for those delicate wrists of your little daughter, do you?

Worry not!

Select the most amazing bangles for your kids from this collection. If you love floral designs we have the Iona Bangle for you. The Ivalyn Bangle is a head-turner and so is the Jaclyn Bangle. Our kids’ bangles are diamond-studded pieces and come with adjustable clasps for better size adjustment.

Dazzle with Our Gold Lightweight Jewellery Bangles for Women

For the pretty ladies out there, we have some of the most colourful bangles to adorn their wrists. Pieces like the Ritvika Flexible Bangle are a fine case in point. If diamonds are your best friend, go for items like the Kavisha Paisley Bangle. The paisley design is an eternal classic in the world of jewellery and will add to the beauty of your wrists quite instantly. Our Keila Bangle can lift up your look on any day.

Do you have large hands and smaller wrists? The traditional round bangle is not an ideal pick for you. It’s hard to slip round bangles down your large hands and when worn, they may look unappealingly big on your small wrists. That’s why you should choose oval bangle designs like the Kathyln Oval Bangle. Twister bangles like the Glee Twister Bangle are also a great choice. Why not explore all our items and buy gold lightweight jewellery bangles that appeal to you?

Since our gold lightweight jewellery bangles price range is quite affordable, you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to own our pieces. So, go ahead and make your choice today.

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