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Gold Krishna Pendants

Gold Krishna Pendant Designs for the Krishna Devotees

Lord Krishna is a devotee’s delight. He is the adorable child, mischievous toddler, maverick lover, master statesman, and valiant warrior, all in one person. His uniqueness lies in the way men and women of all age groups are able to relate to him. Wearing a colourful garb, sporting a garland of flowers around his slender neck, and adorning the hair with a peacock feather, Krishna is often depicted as playing his enticing flute. He is the epitome of unlimited joy, divinity, and beauty.

And his music? When Krishna plays his flute, peacocks dance with joy and offer their brightly coloured feathers to him. For Krishna devotees, the peacock feather and flute are synonymous with the Lord himself. The designers at BlueStone have come up with a mesmerising display of Krishna jewellery, especially pendants, for the followers of Lord Krishna. Buy gold Krishna pendants online and choose from our artfully created designs that feature some of his favourite accessories. What’s more? We run exciting offers and deals on selected pieces that are available in 18kt and 14kt gold.

Buy Stylish Gold Krishna Pendant Designs

Krishna, the flamboyant fashion icon, never shied away from displaying colourful costumes and radiant jewellery. As a true devotee, you too shouldn’t hesitate to display your faith with some sparkle and glitter. Our fusion collection is a masterful tribute that combines the old world charm with new age designs. The Mayurakshi Pendant is a subtle and stylish rendition in diamonds that captures the beauty of the peacock feather design. The Anaya Pendant is another popular teardrop-shaped pendant in this range. The diamonds studded on its 18kt gold body gives the pendant a truly sparkling charm.

Shades of blue always remind us the eternal presence of Lord Krishna. The Avyukta Pendant with an intricate pattern decked with a blue topaz stone and the Preksha Pendant with deep blue Iolite stones are stylish and graceful.

Krishna, the son of King Nanda, is fondly called Nandgopal. In Indian mythology, he is often depicted as an infant on a banyan leaf. The Nandgopala Pendant in our collection is a leaf-shaped design; the flute along with emerald-studded feather featured on the pendant offers a modern take on this age-old depiction.

Celebrate the Krishna within You

Celebrate your faith in style with the artistically designed pendants that have the youthful exuberance of the divine. The adorable baby Krishna face in the Shrinathji Pendant comes decked with ruby and diamonds. The Mayur Priya Pendant with the peacock feather studded with the navratna stones is colourful, vibrant, and truly divine. What better way of displaying your faith in style than by wearing these exquisitely designed pieces?

Growing up, many of us loved to dress up as Krishna for festivals and special occasions and as grown-ups, we cannot seem to get enough of him. Buy gold Krishna pendants online from the unisex pendant collection at BlueStone and relive your childhood memories in style. The Gopalpriya Pendant is a unisex design with a round gold medallion imprinted with peacock feathers and a flute that is adorned with four rubies on it.

One cannot think of Krishna without being reminded of his elegant posture called Tribhanga in Sanskrit, which literally translates as ‘curved in three places’. Playing the flute, he is gracefully bent around neck and waist and he stylishly crosses his legs. The Mayurika Pendant reminds us of his stance with three diamond studded feathers that are placed in an aesthetically pleasing pattern.

The Manohara Manhar Pendant is designed exclusively for Mother’s Day. Remember those childhood days when your mother spent hours and hours dressing you up as little Krishna? Cherish the affection and thank her with this heart-warming pendant design and show your gratitude for her unconditional love.

The flute and feather bearer Lord is an epitome of style and substance too. The Janardhana Pendant with a green emerald stone and the Jagadisha Pendant that captures his enchanting beauty are contemporary ways of displaying your faith. Gifting the Krishna pendants truly doubles the joy of giving! Our gold Krishna pendants’ prices are highly competitive and the pieces in our collection come at a pocket-friendly price range. You need not think twice before clicking the buy button.

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