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Gold Khalsa Pendants

Gold Khalsa Pendants: the Embodiment of Purity

Have you ever felt peace, love, and serendipity by just looking at a symbol or a sign? There are very few things in the world that hold the power to grace one with positivity and calmness in this monotonous chain of events, we call life. We are surrounded by this ever-growing need to compete, to overthrow, to fight against all odds that it’s very difficult to see past the cloud of negativity that blinds us. We, at BlueStone, aim to bring back the light and faith back into your lives. One faith is not limited to its followers but spreads across to encapsulate the wisdom of the ages for all of the humanity. To propagate the purity of belief, we bring the gold Khalsa pendant design range. To be worn by both men and women, these pendants will make you feel one with The Almighty. The designs aim to set out the common message preached by religions and faiths globally- one of brotherhood, love, and peace.

Find Serendipity Today with Our Gold Khalsa Pendants

Khalsa means pure and free. We have packed in some beautiful gold Khalsa pendant designs to make your life one with happiness. The Khalsa Pendant with the symbol of Ek Onkar Satnam captures the message of One With Everything mentioned in the Sikh scriptures. The Khalsa Pendant indeed shows the divine symbol of purity and oneness. Guru Gobind Singh, the last Guru had initiated the ritual to baptise people into the Khalsa clan for which they had to take the oath of truth and acknowledge their belief in One God. All the main tenets of the religion are imbibed in this one symbol. If you are looking for a bit more of the style quotient to merge with the faith, we have the Divine Ek Onkar Pendant for you! It carries the divine symbol inside a thick diamond ring and encircles it with two floral petals made of gold. The Waheguru Pendant is an enchanting piece of craftsmanship with its gold body carrying the message of “Ek Onkar” and on the periphery small rubies adorning the octagonal-shaped pendant. The rubies complement the gold and highlight the message it wants to propagate beautifully. So come buy gold Khalsa pendant designs online at BlueStone exclusively!

Flaunt the Divine Message with Stunning Gold Khalsa Pendant Designs

The Khanda Pendant carries another symbol which is central to the Sikh religion. This symbol is actually an amalgamation of three distinct signs- a double-edged the sword in the centre, the chakram and two single-edged kirpan, crossed at the bottom and palced on either side of the sword and chakram. They signify the dual nature of Miri-Piri, representing the amalgamation of both temporal and spiritual power. The Khanda pendant carries the symbol inside a beautiful ring of diamonds while the Akal Purakh Pendant also shows the khanda symbol set in diamonds and gold with the chakram made entirely in diamonds. BlueStone’s Gold Khalsa Pendant designs are an amazing mix of devotion and style. We incorporate the latest designs to fashion all our pendants, going from all decked up to simpler designs. The Warrior Pendant, for instance also captures the same symbol but in a much simpler fashion. It has the contours of the symbol made in gold and two diamonds embedded in the khanda in the centre.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to bring in some positivity into your life and ward negativity away forever. Buy gold Khalsa pendant designs at fascinating prices only at BlueStone. Make the best of our 30 days money back scheme and the home try-on offer to make your shopping experience among the best you have ever had. Our transparent gold Khalsa pendants’ prices, lifetime exchange, and buyback add credibility to our motto of always keeping the customer’s needs in priority. Hurry and bring in faith into your lives today with our alluring range of Khalsa pendant designs.

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