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Gold Imperial Nest Earrings

Get that Imperial Look with Gold Imperial Nest Earring Designs

Whether you’re wearing a pair of blue jeans, a beautiful black dress or an ethnic salwar kameez, a pair of earrings is a must. Earrings can transform an outfit and take your look from casual to classy in an instant. In India, girls get their ears pierced at a very early age. A pair of plain gold hoops or studs is usually the first pair of earrings owned by a little girl. As a girl grows in years, so does her earring collection. Every woman needs earrings that radiate unbeatable imperial appeal in her collection to make an impression at parties, weddings, and other royal galas. Enter heavily designed jhumkas, stone-studded drops, and the ever-charming hoops. Our collection of gold Imperial Nest earring designs has them all. Not only do they impart an imperial look to your getup but also make a style statement as unique as you.

Gold Imperial Nest Earring Designs: Earrings that Celebrates Your Style

It is not wrong to say that the jewellery a woman wears is an extension of her personality. The designs you sport reveal quite a lot about your style preferences and fine tastes in jewellery. Take, for instance, the Quriana Earring. This simple yet elegant pair is ideal when you don’t want to draw much attention from others, especially in an office or boardroom. On the other hand, the Madhavi Detachable Jhumkas are perfect for women who enjoy being the spotlight. These earrings have ruby-studded floral studs that can be worn independently or you can attach the large jhumka drops to these studs and celebrate their quintessential desi charm.

Your fashion preferences also influence your jewellery choices. Women who prefer ethnic wear like salwar suits on a daily basis prefer traditional designs like the Tribal Chitrali Jhumkas while women who are comfortable in skirts and trousers might prefer more modern designs like the Fashion Finesse Earrings. Whatever your choice is, every pair of earrings in our collection is designed to make you look like a complete diva. Earrings are the perfect accessory for all occasions. From meeting a friend for a cup of coffee to festive celebrations, women rarely step out of their homes without wearing earrings. Weddings and other such festive occasions demand heavier earrings like the Charming Ojaswini Jhumkas or the Gorgeous Anahita Jhumkas. If you’re looking for a pair of earrings that fits almost all occasions take a look at our diamond-studded hoops like the Raun Earrings.

It’s All in the Cut: Things to Know before You Buy Gold Imperial Nest Earrings Online

In their natural form, a gemstone looks nothing like what it does when set in a pair of earrings. When you buy gold Imperial Nest earring designs there are four aspects or ‘Cs’ of the gemstone you should consider- cut, clarity, colour, and carat. The cut of a stone plays a large role in determining the colour of the stone and its lustre. Gemstones can be cut in a number of ways. Round-cut stones as seen in the Vanmayi Earrings are probably the most commonly seen variety. Gemstones can also be cut into ovals as seen in the Aqsa Earrings or into the shape of a teardrop as in the Regal Mayura Jhumkas. The baguette cut of the diamonds in the Traditional Subarna Jhumkas is another popular way to cut gemstones. The way a gemstone is cut can also influence its size and appearance. The marquise cut is often used to make small stones appear bigger than their carat value. The Ocarina Earrings, which feature deep red rubies and radiant pearls, is a fine example of the marquise cut.

The Most Precious of Them All

There are many different types of gemstones but not all gemstones are considered precious stones. The four most precious gemstones are diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Of these, diamonds like the ones studded on the Sirah Earrings are the most popular. When you buy earrings online from BlueStone, your options are not limited to diamonds alone. You can choose from a range of earrings that are studded with lush green emeralds, vivacious rubies, and eternally beautiful pearls.

Take, for instance, the Epitome Luxuriate Earrings in our gold Imperial Nest collection. As the name suggests, these earrings are the ultimate pair of earrings with not only diamonds but also beautifully cut rubies and emeralds. If you fancy sporting something other than rubies or emeralds, go for semi-precious stones. Fashion Finesse Earrings, a pair of charming half-hoops studded with diamonds and rhodolites is a must-have in every fashionista’s collection.

Buy Gold Imperial Nest Earrings Online

Whether you’re shopping for jewellery for yourself or as a gift for someone else, we have a wide variety of earrings designs for you to choose from. Apart from the wide variety, we also give you the opportunity to customise your jewellery. Sometimes, you may fall in love with a design only to realise that it is a little above your budget. In such cases, you could lower the gold carat value and customise the cut and clarity of the stones being used to reduce the gold Imperial Nest earrings price. Our designs are typically made in 18kt gold but can be custom made in 14kt gold. This does not affect the design or overall look of the piece in any way.

Another advantage of shopping with us is that we give you the opportunity to try on a piece of jewellery before you buy it. This is beneficial especially for those women who find it difficult to make a choice based solely on pictures. Different types of earrings suit different shapes of face. With BlueStone’s home try-on option, you can see how a design looks on your before you make the payment. Hence not only does BlueStone bridge the gap between online and offline shopping, it also makes your shopping a delightfully memorable experience.

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