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Gold Halo Earrings

Up Your Glitter Factor with Gold Halo Earring Designs

When you buy gold halo earring designs, you are not only adding a stunning piece of jewellery to your collection but also becoming part of a trend that started several centuries ago. Classic, elegant, and timeliness, the halo setting is one of the most popular jewellery styles that withstood the test of time. From the royal ladies of the Georgian era who wanted to display their wealth and status through ornaments and accessories to the modern fashionistas looking to give their jewellery some additional sparkle, halo ornaments have had a remarkable journey to boast of. The charm of the halo setting is such that women from different time periods fell head over heels for it, constantly and consistently, and they continue to.

At BlueStone, our creative designers pay close attention to the history and transitions of the jewellery they design and the same goes true for halo earrings too. Whether you want a pair of earrings that takes your back to the vintage period with its old world charm or modern and artistic interpretations of the classic halo setting, we have it all in our ever-growing display.

What Are Halo Earring Designs?

A piece of jewellery designed in the classic halo setting has a large central stone, either a diamond or a colourful gemstone, which is surrounded by a number of small diamonds. These small diamonds, which are identical in shape, size, and cut, form a sparkling halo around the central stone and that’s why the setting is called halo setting. The halo formed by tiny diamonds not only adds to the glitter and appeal of ornaments but also creates the illusion of a larger and brighter central stone. So, if you are looking for an easy, simple, and cost-effective way to get more bling and bigger bang for the bucks you spend, ornaments with the halo setting is most certainly your way to go.

Though designers nowadays add extra sparkle to many types of ornaments with single, double, and multiple halos, the halo setting was originally a technique used for making rings. Such rings, known as the halo rings, made their first appearance in Europe during the Georgian era and retained their fame and fervour during the Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco periods that followed. Later, jewellery makers started expanding the reach of this brilliant aesthetic setting to ornaments other than rings, such as earrings and pendants. The gold halo earring designs available in BlueStone’s collection are handcrafted by designers who were bold enough to experiment with the vintage beauty of the classic halo by giving it a modern twist.

Buy Gold Halo Earrings Online from BlueStone

The aesthetic appeal of halo earrings is enhanced multiple times when complemented with the glimmer of gold. That’s why BlueStone brings to you a twinkling collection of halo earrings made of 18kt gold and studded with diamonds and colourful gemstones of high quality.

The classic halo setting – that is, a large central stone encircled by one or multiple halos of diamonds – is ideal for making stud earrings. If you want to go the classic way, choose our Illustrious Glow Earrings which feature a large and round pink tourmaline surrounded by a halo of glittery diamonds. Those who prefer square-shaped central stones can opt for the Farnell Earrings, a signature piece in our collection, made with green tourmalines and diamonds. The Mayil Earrings which feature oval-shaped central stone surrounded by blood red garnets is another hot-selling piece in our collection.

The More the Halos, the Brighter the Earrings

Even though the first halo ornaments had only one halo, earring designs with multiple halos are right on trend and favoured by modern fashionistas. Women who want to adorn themselves with the mega sparkle of diamonds can buy gold halo earring designs with multiple halos. Take, for instance, our Taylor Earrings made of 18kt gold and studded with diamonds. The round diamond at the centre is surrounded by two halos in the shape tear drops, which adds to the size and sheen of the piece.

The Frangelico Earrings in our collection is truly magnificent in every sense. The pair has the sparkle of 66 diamonds and its double halo setting makes it a must-have for every diamond lover. What’s more? You can buy the Frangelico Ring and the Frangelico Pendant from our other collections to complete the look and up your style quotient. The Scarlet Earrings, another diamond studded piece in our collection, are a sure winner with women who prefer keeping things small and beautiful.

Gift a Halo of Joy with BlueStone’s Gold Halo Earring Designs

Gold halo earrings make excellent gifts and that’s why men should choose our Katie Earrings when they want to surprise their women with a sparkling gift. These earrings feature a heart-shaped diamond surrounded by two heart-shaped halos made with small diamonds. Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays or any special moments, the Katie Earrings will enchant your woman with its timeless design and perpetual glitter.

Our gold halo earrings’ prices are quite competitive and you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to satiate your halo craze. So why wait? Give your jewellery collection a facelift by giving it the vintage charm and contemporary flair of BlueStone’s halo earrings.

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