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Five Stone Gold Rings

The Fantastic Five

When you love gold rings and dream of those sparkling studs with your favourite stones on them, don’t you just reach the vantage point of your dreams? Now, what if the stones were to be manifold, or let’s say five in number? Your happiness will know no bounds and will multiply five times. With an attempt to provide you with a brilliant collection of five stone fix, we have designed rings that are embellished with five gemstones in different forms and patterns. Take a look at some of our trending five stone gold ring designs.

The Faithful Bands of Love

While some like their gold bands slim, some like them chunky. Let’s talk about the sleek somethings first. Take a look at the Serenity Ring. It is the most simplistic band with a sleek finish and five studs of diamonds atop. It is as simple as it can get. Then there is the Circe Ring for Her. This band with a difference has an enclosure of five diamond specs right next to each other, forming a nearly linear landing strip for diamonds. The gold bands are the most basic, yet striking pieces of hand jewellery. They have their stones embedded in them to give a neat finish and smoothened look. Let’s take a look at some of the prominent thick bands of gold. The Enchanted Twist Ring is a gorgeous piece of chunky gold that appears to have two slim bands infused into one. It contains a strip of five diamonds linearly arranged on its surface. Then there is the Circe Ring for Him that has five clearly distinguished bold studs of diamonds.

The Fancy Designs: Buy Five Stone Gold Ring Designs

It is time to crown the ladies this season. Let us dive deep into the tiara-like patterns that will make you look and feel like a regal queen. Keep an eye on the generous pattern of the Olympius Band with its striking diamond studs and the intricate concoction of the Isara Ring. If you fancy some relatively simple forms, there are the Sifrar Ring and the Simply Elegant Ring that comprise of five diamonds tones spaced out around the frontal end of the ring in basic formats. A design that is just the opposite of this includes the white and gold blend of the Simply Chic Ring that contains diamonds in a flower bed of gold. Skim through the range and compare the five stone gold rings' price across designs and buy the one meets your style and budget needs.

Floral Theme that Transcends Seasons

Blooming in gorgeous floral patterns are some of the most stunning petals studded with beautiful gemstones. Four beautiful diamond petals merge into a central core of a single diamond is the Arianna Ring. This beautiful piece easily qualifies as a party wear or one that fits for festivities. If you are looking for some colour pop and a break from the usual diamonds, here is a piece that you might like - the Milana Ring. This ring resembling a flower with blooming petals is made of four ruby petals and a diamond core. A rather simplistic pattern for daily use or office wear can be seen in the simplicity of the Chirokee Ring with its five diamonds supported by hands of gold. Take a look at our collection from the comfort of your home and buy five stone gold ring designs online from us today!

Of Fancy Pieces and Five Stones

Where there are five gemstones and finger rings involved, there ought to be the most beautiful illusions of fantasy stripped down to the metal and its sparkling studs. Here is a range with a difference. The first of the lot is a rather fancy looking ring of concentric circles, the Hint of Blush Ring. It has a sparkling diamond stud from which a strip of semi-circular diamond specs emerges. Might we present a ring unique in its studs? Here goes – presenting the Apolonius Ring with three diamond studs on top. Then, what’s the difference? Well, the difference lies in the two other diamonds that are set on the sides, one on each side of the ring. The pattern not only looks very pretty but draws a lot of attention in the first glimpse itself. Then there are the fancy twists of the Caravella Ring and the Gioia Ring. 

Explore the alluring range from the comfort of your home and short list all the pieces that you want to try-on. Let’s know about the list and we will bring them t your doorstep. Try on all of them and choose the ones that you love to spot.

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