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God Jewellery Designs for the Believer in You

Men and women have always rejoiced in paying tribute to their creator in order to show gratitude, invoke blessings, and seek protection. Whatever be the occasion, wearing a pendant with the image of the Divine Maker calms the senses and fills you with peace. At BlueStone we bring to you Hindu god jewellery designs in 14kt and 18kt gold. 

Buy God Jewellery Designs and Wear Your Luck, Protection, and Charm

At BlueStone, we have created an alluring range of god jewellery designs. You can browse our range and buy god jewellery online from the comfort of your home. Explore our collection and choose the one that fits your faith.

God Jewellery Designs for the Devotees of Ganesha

The Hindu god Ganesha transcends the various sects found in Hinduism and is worshipped across communities. He also surpasses religions and is revered by Buddhist and Jainist believers as well. Ganesha is the principal god for all Hindu rituals and worshipping Ganesha removes obstacles and brings good fortune. He is known by 108 names with adulation and faith.

Let your faith shine bright with our god jewellery collection that pays a godly tribute to the Master. Ganesha is said to love modhaks or sweet dumplings. At BlueStone, we pay tribute to Lord Ganesha’s love for the sweet with the Mahabala Pendant. The ganesha pendant is decked with white pearls and diamonds and comes in 18kt gold. The Gajanana Pendant is a simple yet stunning image of the elephant head with diamond beads. The Lambodara Pendant and the Eshanputra Pendant are a heavenly fusion of the sacred syllable Om and the elephant head of Ganesha. The Durja Pendant and the Akhurath Pendant are blissful ways of celebrating your love for the Lord.

God Jewellery Designs: Bring Prosperity to Your Life

In Hinduism, Lakshmi is the goddess of affluence and abundance. Invoking her blessings by drawing her ‘paduka’ or foot print on the Diwali day is an age old custom. Invite her into your life with our Shreeya Pendant that is embellished with 10 diamonds symbolising the toes on a lotus flower. We also have the Tishya Pendant with the paduka imprinted.

According to Hindu mythology, Kubera is the Lord of wealth and worshipping him through the installation of the Kubera Yantra (the instrument of Kubera) will make the devotee free of financial difficulties. Also called the Sri Yantra, this mystical drawing shall bestow opulence and success upon the believer. We have the Kuber Yantra Pendant and Kuber Dhan Pendant. These pendants are made of gold and are studded with diamonds.

Kubera, the keeper of wealth is also known to bless the owner of the Kuber Kunji, a key-shaped talisman. Wear the Kuber Kunji Pendant and may the God of wealth always stay by your side.

The central character of the epic tale Ramayana is Hanuman and chanting his name fortifies his devotees with strength and protects them from evil. The Hanuman Pendant that denotes his weapon, gadha, is believed to ward off the challenges in your path and summon the fearless God’s blessings upon you.

Buy God Jewellery Designs Online at Affordable Prices

We invite you to celebrate godliness like never before and feel blessed with our god jewellery collection. You can keep Ganesha the dissolver of obstacles, Lakshmi and Kubera the guardians of wealth, and Hanuman the protector of humanity close to your hearts through these pendants.

We have kept our god jewellery price affordable so that you can keep your God closer to your heart anytime every time.

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