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Gift Bangles: For Every Wrist Needs the Perfect Companion

Remember the popular lyrics, “Bole Chudhiyaan, bole kangana... hai mein ho gayi teri saajna…”? Through these lines a woman’s bangles are telling a man that she has become his. These lines draw inspiration from the fact that an Indian woman’s attire is incomplete without a set of bangles. Such is the importance this wrist ornament possesses! And that’s exactly what makes bangles a perfect gift for a woman you love!

Weddings or an ordinary day, a woman’s wrists need a companion. And what’s a better companion to those pretty wrists than a finely crafted bangle? At BlueStone, we offer you a fine range of gift bangle designs in yellow and white gold. Whether you are looking for a bangle for a loved one or for yourself, you will find the right design here. Plain gold designs, diamond-studded ones or pieces studded with gemstones – just name it and we have it all!

Why Do We Wear Bangles?

Bangles mean many things for many people. They not only symbolise wealth and social standing but also symbolise a woman’s marital status. In India, apart from gold bangles, women also wear different types of bangles according to where they are from. For example, a set of 21 red bangles is a must have for Punjabi brides. On the other hand, Maharashtrian women wear green bangles paired with gold kadas. However, in south India, nothing is as auspicious as the good old gold.

Traditionally, bangles were a single unbroken ring that had to be slipped over the palm onto a woman’s wrist. Today, however, many bangles are also designed with a clasp. This allows them to be locked in place over the wrist making it easier to wear. 

Bangles for Every Occasion

Bangles are an ideal gift for a woman. When you buy gift bangle designs, you could look for simple designs for everyday use or design-rich pieces for special occasions. Today, you can easily buy gift bangles online from the comfort of your home. Our collection of everyday bangles is sleek and pairs well with all types of outfits, western or Indian.

The Pleasing Leaves Bangle and the Styled Slender Bangle are among our bestsellers. Sleeker gold bangles like the Ribah Bangle and the Enriching Pledge Bangle are also popular among our customers. These bangles can be worn by themselves or stacked together. While they are perfect for every day wear, you may want something a little more glamourous for special occasions. Gift bangle designs like the Chaya Bangle are ideal for festive occasions and weddings.

Bangles for Every Age

Bangles are the perfect ornament for women of all ages. Thus, our gift bangle collection offers a wide range of designs to suit all tastes. Many modern young women prefer minimalistic designs with a slim look. The Behrokh Bangle is one such design. Made of 18kt gold, this bangle features a contemporary design studded with diamonds. The Azfer Bangle is another diamond-studded piece you could consider.

We also offer a range of designs with classic motifs. For example, paisleys as seen in the Sirene Bangle never grow old. Similarly, floral designs remain an eternal favourite of every jewellery lover. If you’re looking for trendy gift bangles online with a floral theme, take a look at the Atryn Bangle and the Gwyneth Bangle. 

Diamond Studded Bangles

A number of our new designs in gift bangles feature sparkling diamonds. Women who favour modern styles may prefer diamond studded bangles like the Forever and Beyond Bangle or the Alhyna Bangle. These are ideal for working women who like to dress up but do not want their jewellery to be too loud. Alternatively, you could consider the Cantara Bangle. However, if you are looking for something for a woman who prefers classic styles, take a look at the Kalysa Bangle.

Don’t Know Her Wrist Size? Go for Oval Bangles!

One of the major challenges you face when you buy bangles as gifts is the wrist size of the wearer. This is especially important when it comes to traditional round bangles that have to be slipped over the wrist. Our bangles are available in 8 sizes. So, if you know the wrist size of the wearer, choose from our round bangle collection.

What if you are not completely sure of the size? This is where oval bangles come to your aid. Our oval designs like the Grazia Bangle come with an openable clasp. Such bangles are also ideal for women with large hands and small wrists.

Bangles in White Gold

When we think of gold, the colour that comes to mind is yellow. However, gold isn’t always yellow. The best gift bangles for someone who likes to keep up with fashion trends is a white gold bangle. White gold is as pure a gold and has the same value. The difference lies in the metals used to harden pure gold. While gold is hardened with copper, white gold is hardened with zinc or palladium. Two of our favourite white gold bangles are the Baheera Bangle and the Storyteller Saga Bangle. Many of our bangles like the Careen Axis Bangle and the Thylet Bangle can be made in gold as well as white gold.

How to Buy Gift Bangles?

Bangles are the perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions. You can gift a bangle to a friend, a sister, your daughter, mother and even your grandmother. Our bangles in plain gold like the Mila Bangle are made in 22kt gold. However, bangles studded with precious or semi-precious stones like the Andrina Bangle are made of 18kt gold. The carat value of gold used in these bangles can also be customised to reduce the price. To make a design fit your budget, you can reduce the carat value to 14kt which, in turn, will reduce the gift bangle price. Additionally, you can customise the colour and clarity of diamonds too based on your preferences.

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