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Garnet Earrings: Regal Jewellery with Brilliant Hues of Red

A tough competitor to rubies, a garnet attracts jewel lovers with its intense red colour. The ease of cutting garnets and the radiance they display after polishing have made them a popular gemstone choice for jewellery since thousands of years. Surrender to the allure of these red precious stones with the wide range of garnet earring designs available at BlueStone. From plain gold earrings studded with one or more garnets to garnet earrings accented with diamonds and other sparkling precious stones, options galore in our exquisite collection of garnet jewellery.

The Gem of Light and January Birthstone

Garnet derives its name from the Latin word “Garanatus”, which means “seedlike” with reference to the seeds of a pomegranate. Garnets have been valued equally by men and women since ancient history, which is evident from the beaded garnet necklace worn by a man found in a grave as old as 3000 B.C. According to the Bible, it was a garnet that guided Noah and helped him steer the Ark with its radiance. This has gained garnet the reputation of being the gem of the light that guides its wearer in the right direction. Garnets have also been popular in the 18th and 19th century Europe and were used for making jewellery in the Victorian era. Throughout history, they have also been believed to have mystical powers.

Considered to be the birthstone of January, the regal, intense red colour of the garnet is quite a dramatic contrast to the freezing cold temperatures of January. Garnet studded jewellery makes for a great gift for people with January birthdays. However, they are admired by all jewellery lovers irrespective of their birthday. Can you blame them? The intense colour of the stone is quite irresistible. So, you can also buy garnet earring designs whether you celebrate your birthday in January or not! The colour of garnets can vary from a deep red to a mild orange and even shades of brown. It is one of the rare untreated gems that exist in a variety of colours. Which colour do you like best?

Precious Earrings Designed to Last a Lifetime

The earrings in our collection embody the vibrant symbolism of garnets. The stones are cut in a variety of shapes, round, teardrop, emerald cut, heart shape, and more, and set on high purity yellow or white gold. Garnet is the stone for balancing the root chakra, and we have just the right pair for you in the form of the Root Chakra Earrings. They are made of 18kt gold in a blissful blooming flower design and studded with a square garnet. The passion and warmth that garnet exudes are captured in the Fire and Ice Earrings. They are made of 18kt gold and carry an oval garnet that sits beautifully on a bed of gold like the glowing embers of your winter bonfire. The flawless off-white pearl and the multiple sparkling diamonds balance the fiery deep burgundy of the garnet.

The symbolism of garnets extends to the belief that they bring business success, good health, and vitality. So why not buy garnet earrings online at BlueStone to reap the benefits of this precious stone while looking gorgeous wearing stunning jewellery. The Kautirya Jhumka will be the centre of attention and admiration when you make it a part of your festive or special occasion ensemble. These dazzling jhumkas are crafted from 18kt gold that shines brighter than the sun. They are studded with a pear-shaped garnet and white pearls on their grand golden silhouette. Another magnificent pair of earrings that will take your breath away are the Valiant Femme Earrings. They are perfect drop earrings designed for the contemporary women who exude oodles of confidence. They are made of 18kt white gold and feature a round garnet on a unique design.

Don’t stop at those, we have more earrings featuring the most desirable shapes of the gemstone and a competitive garnet earrings price, which is as attractive as the earrings themselves. Do you like an emerald-cut garnet more than the round ones? Then you would love the Razberi Earrings in which the colour and shape of the garnet are accentuated with the different shapes and sizes of diamonds accompanying it. If you’re head over heels about heart garnets, check out the Just Say Love Earrings and the Veidah Earrings. They are what you have been looking for all this while! Are you looking for the right gift for a fashion-forward man who wears studs? Buy the Ayer Stud for Him. It is made of 18kt gold and features a round garnet with brilliant, prominent cuts. Browse our collection for these stunning earrings and more.

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