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Valentine’s Day Gift for Girlfriend That Can Convey Your Love

If your world revolves around your girlfriend, you must be looking forward to making her feel special on Valentine’s Day. And you are absolutely right too! After all, this is the perfect day to pamper the one who has stolen your heart. Whether you are in a committed relationship or started dating your girlfriend a couple of months ago or anywhere in between, Valentine’s Day is the ideal occasion to tell her how you feel about her.

While conveying your emotions through words will touch her heart, doing so with an exquisite gift will make the day memorable for her. Wondering what can be the best Valentine gift for her? How about gifting the princess of your heart a piece of jewellery? And the jewellery you choose should be as exquisite as the love you share. That’s why BlueStone brings to you a host of exceptional Valentine’s Day ornaments that can make the best romantic gifts for girlfriends.

Do You Know the History of Valentine’s Day Gift Exchanging Tradition?

Exchanging gifts on Valentine’s Day may be a popular tradition today. But it has not always been the case. You may be surprised to know that the origin of Valentine’s Day wasn’t all that romantic, to begin with. It was only in the eighteenth century that giving gifts on this day became a common practice. This practice started in England. Initially, handmade cards decorated with ribbons and pieces of lace were given as gifts on Valentine’s Day. Later, this tradition of giving gifts spread to America and other parts of the world. With time, cards, flowers, and chocolates found favour as gifts for this special day. In the recent times, jewellery has become popular as gift ideas for girlfriend.

What to Select as a Valentine Day Special Gift for Girlfriend?

When it comes to selecting a jewellery gift for your girlfriend, the choices are many and varied. If you are thinking of proposing her, a ring can be an ideal choice. Take a look at our Lovers Hearts Rings. Don’t you think this dual-heart design can express your emotions in an explicit manner? Even if a proposal is not a part of your immediate plans, giving her our Entwined in Love Ring can win her heart all the same.

Want your gift to remain close to her heart? Maybe a pendant is what you need. Giving her our Loving Heart Pendant can mean you have lost your heart to her. This heart-shaped pendant has a diamond-studded tiny heart set within the big one. Gifting the Heart Infinity Pendant will indicate that your hearts are bonded forever. Another advantage of choosing a pendant as your gift is that you don’t have to be concerned about whether it would fit her or not.

Bracelets also make a great choice as the best gift for girlfriend. Consider our Wrapped in Love Bracelet as an example. Slip this on her wrist if you want her to know how precious she is for you. Bracelets come with adjustable links, so you can go for them even if you don’t know her exact wrist size. You can also opt for earrings as a gift for her. Designs like our pretty Ziel Earrings are going to be great additions to her jewellery collection. This pair of earrings made of 18kt white gold features a stunning cluster setting with 78 diamonds in total. A truly sparkling gift for the star of your life, isn’t it? If you want something more subtle yet chic, go for our dual tone designs like the Nova Earrings.

Buy the Best Valentine Gift for Girlfriend from BlueStone

When it comes to gifting, the question is not just about what to give your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. It’s also a question of from where to buy Valentine’s gift for her. After all, you would want to choose a gift that is low in quality and appeal. BlueStone ticks all the boxes of quality, creativity, and affordability. When you shop with us, you can get a host of designs specially crafted to make the day of love memorable for both of you.

For example, our Hearts Together Pendant stands for two hearts that are never meant to stay apart. When you give her this pendant, it indicates you want your hearts to remain together forever. The Affairs of Heart Ring has two hearts sitting together on a golden band. You can never go wrong with this ring that has the right amounts of glitter and sparkle.

When you choose a gift for your girlfriend, it doesn’t always have to be heart shaped. Though the heart motif is the most widely used theme in making Valentine’s Day jewellery, there are other ways of expressing your emotions. Our Sparkle of Love Bracelet is one such unique piece from this collection. Made of 18kt gold, this unisex design comes with truly matchless sound wave art. Giving her this gift means you consider her to be stylish and chic. On top of that, you get the assurance of high quality certified pieces when you buy from our collections.

Want to Go Traditional with Gold or Contemporary with White Gold?

Is your girlfriend a great fan of the classic glitter of the yellow metal? You can discover a range of stunning designs at BlueStone that suit her preferences. Our Coming Together Ring is a fine case in point. With two diamond-set hearts, this piece features an open ring design that goes equally well with her party and office outfits.

The Quest of Love Openable Pendant is an exclusive design in 22k gold. As the name indicates, this locket pendant can be opened. Your girlfriend can even put your photograph inside this pendant. For those of you who love white gold, our Code of Love Set Pendant can be your perfect choice as a gift. The heart-shaped Amoris Pendant is another bestseller in our white gold collection. You can spoil your girlfriend with many more such designs from BlueStone.

Win Her Over with Diamonds or Colourful Gemstones

They say diamonds are forever. So, when you give her a gift of diamond, it means you want her to be with you forever. Go for our Lovestruck Pendant if you are looking for a diamond-studded heart design to give her. The Hearts Together Earrings is another design of the same motif but different look. The Sparkle of Love Pendant is a contemporary design that can suit the fashion sense of your girlfriend. At BlueStone, you won’t be short of such designs.

While diamonds are an eternal classic, colourful gemstones add a dash of vivacity to your girlfriend’s jewellery box. Nothing can express emotions of love like the colour red does. Choose our Just Say Love Pendant with a deep red garnet to show how deep your feelings for her are. The Samoran Pendant made of 18kt gold is another excellent gemstone gift you can choose. It has a heart-shaped tanzanite which is encircled by several tiny diamonds. The Bluebell Shine Pendant - with a blue topaz and two emeralds - also makes a great gifting option. So does the Mirella Pendant featuring a blue topaz and a diamond.

Finding the right gift for your girlfriend may seem to be a task. But if you shop from BlueStone, you won’t feel so at all. You are sure to enjoy the whole experience of buying Valentine’s Day gift from BlueStone.

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